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Some of the many resources available on this issue are listed below. You may also use the Buscar / Search feature to find other material. Please contact us, using the link on the far upper right corner of this page, if you need further information.

2010 Application for Houston Chaplaincy School
2015 Arlington Simbang Gabi Schedule
2015 MAC Asian and Pacific Islander Leaders track flyer
2015 Our Lady of Antipolo 18th Pilgrimage Flyer
2015 Simbang Gabi Arlington Schedule
2015 Simbang Gabi Baltimore Schedule
2015 Simbang Gabi Schedule for Archdiocese of Baltimore
2015 Simbang Gabi Schedule for San Francisco
2015 Simbang Gabi Themes for the Archdiocese of Chicago
2016 Lyke Conference Brochure
2016 Marian Pilgrimage Flyer
2016 NABCA Annual Meeting
2016 National Day of Prayer
2105 Maritime Day Mass
25th Anniversary "Brothers and Sisters" to Us: US Bishops' Pastoral Statement on Racism
25th Anniversary Brothers and Sisters to Us US Bishops Pastoral Statement on Racism
25th anniversary brothers and sisters to us us bishops pastoral statement on racism Pressing Forward
50 Ideas for Engaging
50th Anniversary Rosary Guide
7th World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Migrants Final Document
a message from Bishop Calvo
A Message from Bishop Holley
A Message from Sr. Anna Nguyen: Assistant Director, Asian Pacific Island Affairs
A Time for Remembering
AAA Bibliography
African American
African American Affairs e-newsletter
African American Affairs Newsletter - October/November 2014
African American Aids
African American Bishops
African American Catholic HIV AIDS Task Force
African American Chronology
African American Family Report
African American Presence
African American Speech
African and Caribbean Catholics in the United States
African Carribean Colloquium
African Heritage Mass on World Mission Sunday Oct 2014
African National Eucharistic Congress
Agenda for API Retreat
Aids Adolescents
Aids Minority Women
Aids US
Airport Ministries
All Acts of Violence Awareness Month 2014
ANEC Ad Jounrnal application April 29 2016
ANEC Exhibit application for April 29 2016
ANEC Final Registration form
ANEC Flyer April 29 2016
ANEC flyer in French
ANEC Housing May 24 2016
ANEC prayer
ANEC Registration Form April 29 2016
ANEC registration form in French
ANEC Sponsorship Corporate package April 29 2016
ANEC Youth web announcement and form
AOS Featured Stories II: A Faith Filled Life on the Sea
AOS Featured Stories: A Faith Filled Life on the Sea
AOS Italy Statement
AOS Manual for Chaplains and Pastoral Agents
AOS New Website Announcement
AOS News and Events
AOS Port of Corpus Christi
AOS Regional Conference Agenda 2010
AOS Scholarship Information and Application 2015
AOS World Congress - Pope Benedict XVI - Address
AOS World Congress - Presentation of the Congress - Most Rev Joseph Kalathiparambil
AOS: Who We Are
aos-world-congress-capt-giuseppe-lubrano.pdf (01:07:12)
aos-world-congress-cardinal-dinardo-homily.pdf (01:07:16)
aos-world-congress-dr-cleopatra-doumbia-henry.pdf (01:07:16)
aos-world-congress-dr-peter-swift.pdf (01:07:18)
aos-world-congress-ecumenism-new-evangelization-and-maritime-world-rev-hennie-lagrange.pdf (01:07:20)
aos-world-congress-fr-bruno-ciceri.pdf (01:07:22)
aos-world-congress-fr-dirk-demaeght.pdf (01:07:23)
aos-world-congress-fr-xavier-pinto.pdf (01:07:25)
aos-world-congress-mr-brandt-wagner.pdf (01:07:26)
aos-world-congress-mr-david-cockroft.pdf (01:07:27)
aos-world-congress-mr-james-gosling.pdf (01:07:29)
aos-world-congress-msgr-paul-hinder.pdf (01:07:31)
aos-world-congress-msgr-peter-stasiuk.pdf (01:07:32)
aos-world-congress-opening-addresscardinal-antonio-maria-vegliò.pdf (01:07:34)
APA Disciples
API Catholics for Mary 14th Annual Pilgrimage
API Catholics in the U.S. Report Jan 2015
API Catholics in the U.S. Report October 2015
API for Mary Pilgrimage flyer 2014
Apology Letter from U.S. Senate
Apostleship of the Sea
Apostleship of the Sea Links
Apostolatus Maris 2014 -120
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2011-101
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2011-102
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2011-105
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2011-106
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2011-107
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2012-111
Apostolatus Maris Bulletin 2012-112
Apostolatus Maris FRA  2014 -120
Apostolatus Maris ITA  2014 -120
Apostolatus Maris SPA  2014 -120
April 2016 E-Newsletter of the SCAAA
Archbishop Chaput's Letter to Congress
Archbishop Gregory's Homily
Archbishop Kurtz Statement on Racism -  September 2014
Archbishop Kurtz Statement on Racism en Espanol -  September 2014
Archbishop Pietro Sambi's Speech
Arlington Diocese Mulitcultural Mass 2014 flyer
Asian and Pacific Island Affairs Survey - Demographics
Asian and Pacific Island Demographics Survey
Asian and Pacific Island Ministry Offices
Asian and Pacific Island resources
Asian and Pacific Islander Diocesan Directors
Asian and Pacific Islander Young Adult Retreat/Workshop
Asian and Pacific Islanders for Mary Pilgrimage flyer
Asian and Pacific Islanders for Mary Pilgrimage flyer - 2014 South Asian Languages
Asian and Pacific Presence: Harmony in Faith - Chinese
Asian and Pacific Presence: Harmony in Faith (Spanish)
Asian Pacific Catholic Network (APCN) Facebook Page
Asian Pacific Island Affairs Subcommittee
Asian Pacific Island Affairs: a message from the assistant director
Asian Pacific Island Family Report
Asian Pacific Island Presence
Asian Pacific Island Speech
Asian Pacific Islander Catholics in the United States - A Preliminary Report
Asian Pacific Islander Young Adult Retreat 2015
Asian/Pacific Islander News
Asians and Pacific Islanders For Mary Annual Pilgrimage 2015
Asians for Mary Annual Pilgrimage 2012
Asians for Mary Annual Pilgrimage flyer 2013
Asians for Mary Annual Pilgrimage in 2012
Asuntos Hispanos/Latinos
Aviation Invitation from the Pontifical Council
Aviation Program Schedule
Aviation Registration
BICM - Information Packet San Antonio
BICM - Information Packet San Antonio 2012
BICM Archdiocese of Indianapolis Reg packet
BICM Diocese of Pittsburgh registration information and form
BICM Info packet Northwest
BICM Miami April 2013
BICM PowerPoing 2012
BICM PowerPoint
BICM Program Schedule
BICM registration information and form
BICM Taining of Trainers 2012
BICM Taining of Trainers 7.2012
BICM Training of Trainers
Bishop DaCunha's Homily
Bishop Soto's Welcome Address
Black Catholic Ministry Webinars
Black Catholic Perspective on the Church Response to Black Lives Matter
Black History Month Homily
Blessed Virgin Mary Liturgy Guide
Books, Articles and Discertations relating to the 50th Anniversary Project
Brothers and Sisters to Us
Brothers and Sisters to Us Bishops Pastoral Statements on Racism
Building Communion and Harmony
Building Leaders in the Black Catholic Community for service in the Church
Calendar of Events
Calling to be Disciples
Campsite 4 paver form
Campsite 4 promotional packet
CARA Topline Report In-Pew Surveys Asian and Pacific Islander Catholic Parishes
Cardinal Renato Martino of the Vatican Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
Caribbean Catholics
Catholic Caribbean Faith And Culture
Catholic Charities USA Parish Social Ministry sign-up
Catholic Cultural Diversity Network Convocation (CCDNC)
Catholic Maritime News
Catholic Maritime News - 2009 March
Catholic Maritime News Spring 2014
Catholic Maritime News Summer 2013
CCDNC 2011 Participants
CCT Letter from Birmingham Jail Study Guide
CCT Study Guide Letter Birmingham Jail
Center for Native American Youth: Native American Youth 101
Center for Native American Youth: Voices of Native Youth Report
Chautauqua XVIII
Chautauqua XVIII flyer
Chautauqua XVIII webpage
China Church Quarterly January 2016
Chinese Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Facebook Page
Chinese Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco Website
Circus and Traveling Shows Ministry
CMFN Executive Director Job Opening
CMFN Spring 2014 Newsletter
CMN Winter 2015
Coming to the Promised Land Convention
Commemoration. Aids
Contact information for Asian and Pacific Islander Diocesan Directors
Convocation Notebook
Convocation Participants
Copy of List of Port Chaplains
Creeds of the Catholic Church presentation
Cultivating the Evangelizing Spirit
Cultural Diversity CARA Report Phase 1
Cultural Diversity Committee Mandate
Cultural Diversity in the Church
Cultural Diversity Mandate
Cultural Diversity Resources
Cultural Diversity Videos
Current Subcommittee on African American Affairs e-newsletter
Datos Demográficos
Eastern Catholic Churches in the World 2014
Eastern Catholics in the United States 2014
Ecclesiological Framework
Ecumenical Relations and Training
E-Newsletter Archive
E-newsletter Archives
Estadisticas 2007- Instituto Fe y Vida
Estadisticas 2007- Instituto Fe y Vida
Ethnic Ministries
Ethnic Ministries African Colloquium
European American Family Report
European American Presence
European American Speech
Excerpts from Love Thy Neighbor
Executive Summary 25th Anniversary
Executive Summary Key Findings
Experience of the Church
Faith Fact Sheet
Faith Matters - Deacon Gjet Bajraktari
Fall 2015 APIA E-Newsletter
Feb 2016 E-Newsletter of the SCAAA
Federation of Asian Bishops' Conferences Website
Filipino Council-Archdiocese of Baltimore Website
Filipino Saints Fiesta Celebration 2013 flyer
Filipino Saints Fiesta Celebration 2015
Final ANEC schedule July 21 2016
Final Letter 7th World Congress of Migrants
FORTALECIENDO: Matrimonios y Familias en la Cultura de Hoy
Fr. Augustus Tolton
Fr. Sinclair on Busted Halo Show
Fr. Tony Haycock
Fr. Tony Haycock Revised
Franciscan Handmaids of the Most Pure Heart of Mary
Full Study Guide
Get 'Em While They're Young
GIA Music
God of the Journey 50th Anniversary Prayer
Grace Before Meals flyer - Fr. Leo 10-4-14
Gypsy Pilgrimage Invitation from the Pontifical Council
Gypsy Pilgrimage Program Schedule
Gypsy Pilgrimage Registration
Harmony in Faith
Harmony in Faith - Korean American Catholics flyer
Harmony in Faith template
Harvest Magazine - Josephites publication
Hispanic Catholics
Hispanic Catholics
Hispanic Ministry at a Glance
Hispanic Ministry Network Map
Hispanic Ministry Network Regional Directors
Hispanic Population by Episcopal Region
Hispanic/Latino Affairs
Hispanic/Latino Bishops
Hispanic/Latino Bishops in the United States since 1970
Hispanic/Latino Demographics
Hispanic/Latino Family Report
Hispanic/Latino Ministry News
Hispanic/Latino Percentage of Race and Ethnicity
Hispanic/Latino Population by Origin
Hispanic/Latino Presence
Hispanic/Latino Speech
Historical Memory for Hispanic/Latino Ministry
History of Hispanic Ministry
HIV AIDS Awareness in the African American Community
HIV AIDS Resources Cultural Diversity
HIV. Prayer
Hmong American National Catholic Association Agenda June 2016
Hmong American National Catholic Association Website
Hmong American National Catholic Association Website
Houston School Application 2015
How the Civil Rights Movement Influenced U.S. Immigration Policy
IBCS 2016 Brochure page 2
Indian American Catholic Association (IACA) Website
Indian American Catholic Association Newsletter 2014
Individual Sponsorship
Inmigracion y Religion
Intercultural Competencies
Intercultural Competencies Module 1
Intercultural Competencies Module 2
Intercultural Competencies Module 3
Intercultural Competencies Module 4
Intercultural Competencies Module 5
Intercultural Competencies Training of Trainers Program
Intercultural Competencies: Glossary of Terms
International Seminar of Catholic Civil Aviation Chaplains
Introduction and Foreword
Invitation Circular Pontifical Council
Invitation from Bishop Calvo to Participate in the National Pastoral Plan Survey
Invitation to Pilgrimage of Our Lady of Good Health 2014
Jewish Virtual Library - Roman Rule 63BCE-313CE
Jews and Christians in a Roman World, Archaeology Magazine
John Paul II Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
June 2016 E-Newsletter of the SCAAA
Kateri Tekakwitha Brochure
Kateri Tekakwitha Prayer Card
Kateri Tekakwitha Welcome Letter from Cardinal Dolan
La Madre de America
La Madre de América
Latinos- Pew 2009-20012
Letter from Birmingham Jail Study Guide
Letter from Birmingham Jail Study Guide - Catholic Edition
Letter from Birmingham Jail Study Guide - Full Documents
Links to National Black Catholic Sites
List National Adviser
List of Port Chaplains
List of Port Chaplains and Contacts
Liturgical Resource. Aids
Liturgy Resources
Living the Present with Enthusiasm
Loatian Catholic National Pastoral Center Website
Loatian National Conference July 2016 Agenda
Looking Forward to the Future with Confidence
Looking out for Seafarers: USCG & Seafarer Welfare Organizations
Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self
March 2015 - Black Catholic Ministry Webinar
Mariners Prayer
Maritime Day Mass
Maritime Day Mass 2011
Maritime Day Mass 2013
Maritime Day Mass 2014
Maritime Day Mass 2014 Homily
Maritime Day Mass May 2014
Marriage and Family Life Resources
Mass Archbishop of Manila
Message for the 90th Anniversary of the Foundation of the AOS
Message for World Tourism Day 2016
Message from Alejandro Aguilera-Titus: Assistant Director, Hispanic Affairs
Message from Bishop Solis: Chairman of the Subcommittee on Asia and Pacific Island Affairs
Message from the Assistant Director, PCMRT
Message of Pope Francis World Day of Migrants and Refugees
message-vatican-world-fisheries-day 2014-eng
message-vatican-world-fisheries-day 2014-french
message-vatican-world-fisheries-day 2014-italian
message-vatican-world-fisheries-day 2014-spanish
Mexican bishops in 2010 wrote a pastoral exhortation titled Que en Cristo Nuestra Paz México tenga V
Mid-Atlantic Congress main page
Migrant Farm Worker Apostolate
Migrants Refugees and Travelers
Ministry Leaders Page Set
Ministry to People on the Move
Mother Mary Elizabeth Lange
Mother of all the Inhabitants in the One America
Mother of All the Inhabitants in the One America
Ms.Margretha Stokes-Tucker
My Transformative Experiences Growing Up in the Civil Rights Era
NABCA Online
NACCA Convention 2016
NACCA Convention 2016 Agenda
NACCA Convention 2016 Flyer
NAM Report
National Adviser for Ethinic and People on the Move Ministries
National Advisers Meeting 2014
National African American Catholic HIV AIDS Affiliates United States of America by Dioceses
National Association of Filipino Priests-USA FB Page
National Association of Filipino Priests-USA Website
National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life announcement and prayer resource
National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus NBCCC
National Black Catholic Congress Daniel Rudd Fund grant
National Black Catholic Congress Registration
National Black Sisters Conference
National Conference of Burmese-American Catholics Facebook Page
National Conference of Burmese-American Catholics Website
National Conference of Burmese-Catholics July 2016
National Day of Prayer for the African American and African Family
National Day of Prayer for the African American and African Family
National Day of Prayer for the African American Family
National Hispanic Catholic Organizations
Native American Affairs
Native American Catholics at the Millennium
Native American Family Report
Native American Presence
Native American Speech
NCBAC 7th Annual Conference July 2016
NCBAC 7th Annual Conference July 2016 Agenda
NCCAC Newsletter.Aug.2013
Neustros Hermanos y Hermanas
New Saints
Offices of Black Ministry Success and Impact
Oil Will Not Overwhelm Us
OLC Mosaic Flyer
On Racial Harmony
On the Road to Sainthood: Leaders of African Descent
On the Waterfront & The Ship: What Seafarers Are Saying (MPG3 Format)
Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni Pilgrimage 2013
Our Lady of Lavang Pilgrimage
Parishes with a Strong Black Catholic Presence
Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees and Travelers
Pastoral Statement- Japanese
Pastoral Statement- Malayalam (Indian)
Pastoral Statement- Tagalog or Filipino
Pastoral Statement-English
Pastoral Statement-Indonesian
Pastoral Statement-Samoan
Pastoral Statement-Vietnamese
Pax Christi USA Continues the Vision of the Civil Rights Era
PCMRT July 2015 Newsletter
PCMRT National Advisers
PCMRT Speech
People on the Move
People on the Move: Overview
Philly Registration Pkt.
Pilgrimage for Sea Services
Pilgrimage for the Canonization of Blessed Kateri
Piracy Statement English
Piracy Statement French
Piracy Statement Italian
Piracy Statement Spanish
Plenty Good Room
Poetry in the Civil Rights Era
Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People Website
Prayer for the Protection of Religious Liberty in Chinese
Prayer Service for Victims of Piracy
Prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe
Promotional Flyer
Provisional Program
Racism Backgrounder
Rebuilding the Bridge: African American Affairs’ 50th Anniversary Initiative
Rebuilding the Bridge: Articles and Educational Resources
Rebuilding the Bridge: Catechetical and Prayer Resources
Rebuilding the Bridge: Multimedia
Rebuilding the Bridge: Reflections
Rebuilding the Bridge: Solidarity Events
Recommended Reading about Inspiring African Americans
Reconciled through Christ
Reconciled Through Christ - English
Reconciled Through Christ - Introduction Letter from Bishop Flores
Reconciled Through Christ - Spanish
Reflections for the 50th Anniversary Mass in Honor of the Selma to Montgomery March
Reg form June 9
Registered Nine Steps
Registration fees for the webpage
Registration Form
Rejoicing in the Asian and Pacific presence
Rejoicing in the Asian and Pacific Presence (English)
Religion and Demography
Remarks of AOS USA President at Gulf Seafood Press Conference
Remembering the Past with Gratitude
Report on 2015 Black Catholic Young Adult Listening Session
Report on National Study of Catholic Parishes with Hispanic Ministry
Resettling in Place - Vietnamese American Catholics flyer
Resources for Day of Prayer and Rememberance
San Lorenzo de Manila Votive Mass 9-27-14
SCDC Brochure English
SCDC Brochure Spanish
SCDC Fall Winter 2015 newsletter
SCDC Fall Winter 2015 newsletter
SCDC Newsletter
SCDC Newsletter
SCDC Newsletter
SCDC Newsletter Spring 2015
SCDC Spring and Summer 2016 newsletter
Scenes from a Parish
Sea Sunday Message English
Sea Sunday Message French
Sea Sunday Message Italian
Sea Sunday Message Portuguese
Sea Sunday Message Spanish
Serve Through Compelling Love
Shalom Festival, Orange, CA
Ship Shore Access Resolution
Sigan el Camino del Amor
Simbang Gabi 2015 Archdiocese of Chicago Schedule and Themes
Sisters of the Holy Family
Skit by the Heritage Dancers at the Diocese of Charleston Black Catholics Heritage Celebration
Social Justice Stations of the Cross
Spring 2016 APIA E-Newsletter
Spring and Summer news
Spring Summer newsletter 2016
Sr. Thea Bowman's Address to U.S. Catholic Bishops, 1989, Video Link
Statement on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
Statement on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act
Stella Maris Apostolic Letter Motu Propio on the Maritime Apostolate
Stella Maris Liturgy Guide
Study Guide Introduction Letter
Study Guide on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Letter from Birmingham Jail
Study on Best Practices
Subcommitee on Native American Affairs
Subcommittee Members
Subcommittee on African American Affairs assistant director's message
Summer 2015 APIA E-Newsletter
Survey highlights struggles of young Hispanic Catholics
Take Into Account Various Situations and Cultures by Most. Rev. Edward K. Braxton
Text for Mass and Liturgy
The Apostleship of the Road
The Asians for Mary Annual Pilgrimage 2012
The Canonization Process
The Glories of the Past and the Hopes of Tomorrow
The Jewish World of Jesus
The Racial Divide in the United States Study Guide
There Are No Minority Americans
Timely Ministry Resources for Black Catholics
To Serve Through Compelling Love
Tolton Resource Sheet
Tourism and Pilgrimages
Un Mensaje de Alejandro Aguilera-Titus: Asistente Director, Asuntos Hispanos
Un Mensaje Del Obispo Barnes
Union of Catholic Asian News Website
Unity Prayer Card
Updated BICM Reg Packet Las Vegas October 2014
US Catholic China Bureau Conference
US Pastoral Statement on Racism Looking Back
Using These Guidelines: A Practical Overview
Venerable Henriette Delille
Venerable Pierre Toussaint
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement-USA Facebook Page
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement-USA Website
Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement-USA YouTube Page
Welcome Message from Bishop Barnes
Welcoming the Stranger Among Us: Unity in Diversity
What Can You Do
What every Vocation Director should know about Filipino families
What Must Never Be Forgotten
What We Have Seen and Heard - Spanish
What We Have Seen and Heard: A Pastoral Letter on Evangelization from the Black Bishops of the United States
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
World Aids Day Cultural Diversity
WTD 2014 English
WTD 2014 English1
WTD 2014 French
WTD 2014 German
WTD 2014 Italian
WTD 2014 Italian1
WTD 2014 Portugese
WTD 2014 Spanish
XXIII World Congress
Young Adult Resources

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