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NFP Distance Learning


Learn how to use a method of NFP in your marriage in your own home from one of the following schools:

Billings Ovulation Method Association – USA (BOMA-USA)
                              Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry

P.O. Box 2135
St. Cloud, MN 56302
(651) 699-8139
(320) 654-6486 FAX
  • BOMA provides client education in the Billings Ovulation MethodTM (BOMTM). BOMTM is a cervical mucus method created by the Drs. John and Evelyn Billings of Melbourne, Australia. BOMA-USA is the only authorized representative of the BOMTM in the United States.

  • Distance learning for client education is provided through WOOMB-International at or Multi-languages are available.

Couple to Couple League (CCL)
                              Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry 

P.O. Box 111184
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211-1184
4290 Delhi Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45238
  • CCL provides client education in the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM). STM is a multi-indexed method. It teaches detection of cervical mucus, the Basal Body Temperature and cervical changes besides other secondary fertility symptoms.

  • Client education (English and Spanish) is provided by professionally certified teaching couples in their local areas or via live on-line classes. A Self-Paced Online Class is also an option; this is a video-based version of the live class, with support available through phone and e-mail contact.

Family of the Americas Foundation (FAF)
                              Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry
P..O. Box 1170
Dunkirk, MD 20754
(301) 627-3346 (301) 627-0847 FAX
  • FAF provides client education in the cervical mucus method. This approach to NFP is founded on the work of the Drs. Billings.

  • FAF offers a client correspondence course via the US Postal system. An interactive CD program is an added feature of this curriculum. The Spanish language and multi-languages are available.

Marquette University College of Nursing Institute for NFP (MINFP)
                              Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
(414) 288-3838
(414) 288-1939 FAX
  • MINFP provides client education in the Marquette Model, a Sympto-Hormonal method of NFP. This method is similar to STM with the added feature of teaching electronic hormonal monitoring.

  • MINFP offers on-line client education (English and Spanish). To learn the method see

NFP International (NFPI)Website:

NFPI provides client education in Dr. K. Prem's Cross-Check Method (also called "STM") at: The NFPI approach is grounded in a philosophy of marital generosity and chastity. The principles of Ecological Breastfeeding for natural child spacing are also taught.

  • This economical and easy to follow program makes use of a question and answer format as seen in their text, Natural Family Planning: The Complete Approach.
  • Access to an NFP master teacher is via e-mail.

  • Completion certificate is sent to requesting priests and deacons.
Northwest Family Services (NWFS) - SymptoPro Fertility Education
                              Meets the USCCB's Standards for Diocesan NFP Ministry
6200 SE King Road
Portland, OR 97222
(503) 546-6377
(503) 546-9397 FAX
  • NWFS provides client education in the SymptoPro method ("STM"), a multi-indexed method of NFP that teaches the detection and interpretation of cervical mucus, basal-body temperature (BBT) and changes in the cervix. It also teaches how to interpret secondary signs of fertility.

  • NWFS offers a client correspondence course via the US Postal system, a client Internet course and also a combination of correspondence and on-line education for clients who request both. 

  • Spanish language education is available.

  • A chart app. is available at no extra cost for Internet clients. All others will pay a one-time fee at time of purchase.


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