Meet the Profession Class of 2014

We asked some of our newly professed men and women religious to tell us something about themselves that others might find surprising.  Their answers below provide some insight to how each discovered their vocational call Congratulations to the Profession Class of 2014!

Sr. Elizabeth Beussink"People might be surprised to know that I grew up with horses and wanted to pursue a career in therapeutic horsemanship, helping disabled and handicapped children grow in various skills by connecting with and learning how to ride horses." — Sr. Elizabeth Beussink, Franciscan Sisters, Third Order Regular (TOR) of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows Monastery 

Fr. Tom Frink

"People might be surprised to know that I was an engineer for twenty years before entering the Jesuits." — Fr. Thomas Frink, Society of Jesus, New England Province


Sr. Stella Mary Morales"People might be surprised to know that I had a very successful professional career and life, but was not satisfied. While considering a career change, to my surprise I heard God's call to religious life and to care for the poor with incurable cancer. This was something I never imagined myself doing, since I had no nursing experience." — Sr. Stella Mary Morales, Dominican Sisters, Congregation of St. Rose of Lima 

Sr. Maria Francesca Wiley"People might be surprised to know that I was not initially convinced that I could be happy as a religious sister. My parents, family, & friends could all see my religious vocation before I knew it myself (or was willing to admit it). Once I said yes to the Lord's call and learned to trust Him- I was overwhelmed by the joy I experienced and surprised that God had such an utterly better idea for my life than I had for myself." — Sr. Maria Francesca Wiley, Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia

Sr. Anne Kateri"People might be surprised to know that I graduated from Harvard University where I studied sociology and pursued pre-med requirements. Although I felt called to religious life from a young age I was hesitant to share openly about it. It was not until I was engaged to be married that I knew for sure that God had made my heart to be totally His -- and He gave the grace to finally say yes to my religious vocation." — Sr. Ann Kateri Hamm, Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal 

Fr. Ryan Cronshaw"People might be surprised to know that I worked as a chemist before entering the Oblates and hope to continue teaching science as part of my future ministry." — Fr. Ryan Cronshaw, Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, Wilmington-Philadelphia


Sr. Abby Avelino"People might be surprised toknow that before I became a sister, I had been working as a mechanical engineer. I was happy with what I was doing yet there was something missing. When I heard the first CALLING, I denied it totally. I would never have imagined that I would be entering religious life." — Sr. Abby Aurea Avelino, Maryknoll Sisters