Ordination Class of 2018 - More Quotes

Here is a selection of members of the Ordination Class of 2018.  

Below are their responses to the question:

"People might be surprised to know..."

Anonymous, Atlanta

As a kid, I remember thinking to myself how much I did not want to become a priest. But the Lord showed me life and love in that vocation which allowed me to accept it.

Aric Aamodt, Archdiocese of Saint Paul/Minneapolis
am a big enthusiast of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, and love to hike/camp/rock climb.
Nicholas Adam, Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi
worked as a television news anchor for nearly five years before entering the seminary. I covered everything from championship football games to tornadoes touching down.
Ryan Adorjan, Joliet, Illinoi
play the trombone and considered a career in acting and musical theater.
John Aherne, OFM – Holy Name Province
danced in an Off-Broadway play and ran an Irish Dancing School before joining the Franciscan Friars.
Raymond Akumbilim, Society of the Divine Word (SVD)
People might be surprise to know that at my confirmation, my bishop in giving me a pat on the cheek, told me “Raymond you will be become a priest one day.” That will soon become a reality even after a long journey of ups and downs. Now I know God truly calls us through the prophetic voice of others.
swore I would never be a priest.
used to serenade with one of my uncles and my guitar William Arnold, Archdiocese of Milwaukee have a great love for Westerns. I like to watch Western movies from the 50s and 60s and the older television series, like Gunsmoke.
Hector Arvizu-Mancilla, Diocese of Tyler in Texas
Was not interested in being a priest at all when I was younger. I did not like priests, I made fun of them, and I criticized them a lot. I wanted to be somebody in life, except a priest. I had planned to get married, have children, have a house and lots of money. But my intentions were not God's plans. God wanted me to be one of his priests, like the ones I criticized in the past. He called me through the Blessed Sacrament and told me to get down of the three of own desires because he would stay with me in my heart forever so that I could serve his people, his Church, that was his plan for me.
Oscar Astigarraga, Archdiocese of Washington DC
I met the Neo-Catechumenal Way when I was 7, since then all my family became part of it. It helped me immensely in the discovery and discernment of my vocation.
Moises Maximilian Avila Pacheco, Order of Friars Minor Conventual – Our Lady of the Angels Province
I was searching for graduate program to continue my education. And in the middle of such search, I felt the call to priesthood. I was surprised because I had considered priesthood years before -in my teen years- but decided not to pursue it. I think God allowed me to experience college and some work experience before calling me so that I can serve Him better.
Omar Ayubi, Archdiocese of Miami
When I was 16 years old, during my last year of High School, I considered joining the Jesuits back in my native country.
Robert Barnell, Archdiocese of Louisville
used to work for Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement, helping refugees find jobs.
Fernando Luis Barreto Mercado, SJ, Society of Jesus (Central and Southern Province)
I discovered I indeed had a vocation to priesthood while working among the Guarani in Paraguay. Since I wanted to be a missionary, I was sent to China to study theology, and after learning the language, I started my M.Div. studies in Taiwan. There, I confirmed my desire to work in inter-religious dialogue and spirituality.
Br. Matthew Bartow, Birmingham (Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word)
Although I am a convert to Catholicism, I did think about getting involved in pastoral ministry years before entering the Church.
Wade Bass, Dallas, Texas
was applying to teach English in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar while also applying for the diocesan seminary. However, it became clear to me that I was called to enter seminary formation immediately after graduation, so I withdrew from the Fulbright application process. It was the right decision!
Peter Bassey, Diocese of Buffalo, New York
felt the call to the priesthood at the age of 9, the passion intensified as a minor seminarian, as well as playing soccer with major seminarians.
J. Arturo Bazan, Diocese of Oakland
I walked away from the faith when I was a teenager,and became a fiery detractor of the Church in the following years, but in His mercy, God found me in my wrongful path and healed my wounds, and welcomed me back to His Church, the Catholic Church.  I never thought of the priesthood as a possible future for me, but after nine years of discernment in the seminary and having witnessed how God has worked in my life, I cannot see other possible path for me to go on.  I am, and will forever be so grateful to God for my vocation to the priesthood.
Sean-Patrick Beahen, The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter
I was formerly an Anglican minister but I found my way home to the Catholic Church via the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. You might be surprised to know that I'm Canadian and an avid Monarchist.
Max Behna, Diocese of Joliet
am half Syrian, enjoy woodworking, and love going to the movies.
Kyle Bell, St Petersburg, FL
As a former Protestant who became Catholic in 2007, I anticipate ordination to the priesthood in May of 2018.  I am an avid reader, film-lover, and sports fan.
Robert-Charles Bengry, The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter
I'm a Canadian and was formerly an Anglican clergyman: I came home to the Catholic Church thanks to Pope Benedict XVI! I'm also an heraldic artist and I paint for the Canadian Crown.
Craig Best, Cincinnati
never considered a vocation to the priesthood until I was in my forties.  I still remember the day I opened my heart to the possibility of a life dedicated to God, and how much happiness this brought.
Ronald Blank, Norwich CT
I was married 32 years and entered the seminary a little more than a year after being widowed. I also served as a permanent deacon for 9 years before entering the seminary
Stephen Blaxton, Saginaw
Play drums and have traveled to a dozen countries and most of the United States.
Andrew Boyd, Erie
Studied Computer Science in College Seminary, have played the saxophone for 17 years and was lead in my high school Jazz Ensemble, and I am a life-long Chicago Cubs fan.
Blake Britton, Orlando Florida
I studied music, particularly classical voice (opera), before entering seminary.
Mitchell Brown, Gallup
I was told I would be a priest when I was only two-years-old by my great-aunt Sabina!
Michael Brungardt, Wichita
was a professional cellist in high school.
Nathan Brunn, Crookston
love the wintertime!  One of my favorite hobbies is ice fishing.
Agustin Carrillo, Claretian Missionaries
People might be surprised to know that I cook savory dinners, thanks to my background in chemistry and several years of practice in formation.  Community life brought out this hidden talent.
Ryan Casey, CSP, Missionary Society of Saint Paul The Apostle – Paulist Fathers
I am introverted but love being with people.  I love all movies, tv and music. I hope to write a book someday.  It might suprise people that I make a music soundtrack to my week as personal journal exercise.
Juan Carlos Castañeda Rojas, Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart
I come from the City of Everlasting Spring: Medellin, Colombia. I try to keep always my Colombian identity and love sharing my culture with  everybody specially the members of my Congregation. One of my passions is ridding horses and it is one of the things I miss the most, also I enjoy all forms or art and now I am exploring water color painting.
Richard Childress, Nashville
worked a wide range of jobs, from certified HVAC technician to Protestant minister, and enjoy fiction writing and canvas painting.
Alexander Colautti, Companions of the Cross
I planned to marry my girlfriend and work for an international organization in development after college, but entered seminary after a profound encounter with the Crucified Lord Jesus while on pilgrimage in Medjugorje. Surfing is my favorite hobby.
Michael Connolly, Archdiocese of New York
used to perform in musical theater and even entertained hopes of establishing an acting career. I am so excited to explore the ways in which God may allow me to use this experience in priestly ministry, especially with young people who may be wondering how they can reconcile a love of performance with our Catholic faith.
Matthew Cortnik, Diocese of Cleveland
am a fraternal twin, and I enjoy the visual arts, playing guitar, rock 'n' roll, and went to public school my entire life.
Isaac Coulter, Wichita
When I was young, I wanted to do something great. Priesthood and Batman was placed on my heart. Bishop willing, I will get to be one or both this May.
Michael Coveyou, Diocese of Raleigh, NC
My parents, were great role models for me and started me on my journey of faith. My sons, Tim and Matt, by their kindness and curiosity have deepened my own faith. Though I never met him, my great uncle, Fr. Walter Coveyou C.P., was a great inspiration to me. His portrait hangs prominently in the living room of our family farmhouse in northern Michigan. His love for God took him across the world to China as a missionary in the 1920's. He worked courageously to bring Jesus to the Chinese people.
Brent Crowe, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
I first truly encountered Christ and discovered my vocation through my work as a fish biologist.  Spending time in God's creation doing stream surveys led me closer to God.
Henry Cuellar, Diocese of Austin
I had an enjoyable career as a Social Worker and was doing very well. Originally I did not want to be a priest but after my parish priest directly invited me to consider it, I left my career and everything else and went into the seminary, it's be the best decision ever!
Louis Cunningham, Seattle
have an undergraduate degree in Latin studies with a focus in sixteenth century rhetoric.  I enjoy Crossfit, hiking, photography, and a nice glass of wine with friends!
Paul Cygan, Diocese of Buffalo
was a music minister leading praise and worship music for prayer groups or Mass. A few other hobbies include: hiking, traveling, sports especially tennis and fraternity.
Kevin Daborbor, Adorno Fathers – The Order of the Clerics Regular
do Crossfit training and Cross-Stitching.
Nathan Dail, Diocese of Boise
Had written more than a dozen full length movie screen plays and filmed 3 movies (independent) before discerning the call to be a priest
Frank D'Amato, Diocese of Palm Beach
Heard the call to the Catholic priesthood around 10 years old. Now at the age of 51 I will finally answer God's call. I enjoy spending time with the Lord in Adoration, family, golf, running, and priestly fraternity.  Prior to entering the seminary, I spent three years in formation with the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land where I served in Washington, DC, Italy, and Israel.
Matt Davied, Diocese of Wichita, Kansas
was an avid athlete, who basically worshipped sports in high school, such as football and baseball. It was only when I quit those in college that I found God to be a real part of my life.
W. Penn Dawson, SJ, Society of Jesus
As one who entered the religious state later in life, I am grateful to be able to minister in the many varied circumstances in which I have found myself over these last 9 years of formation. As a priest, I will try my humble best to serve in ways that reflect Christ s loving presence in the world.
Daniel Dengler, Dominicans (Order of Preachers) – Province of St. Joseph
Encountering the remains of Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati at World Youth Day touched of a restlessness that drove me to deepen my faith and seek the heights of my vocation.
Bernard Denson, Saint Bernard Abbey, Cullman, Alabama
enjoy backpacking and traveling.
Jose Diaz, Diocese of Brooklyn
I'm just a city boy from New York who the Lord called to serve him and people. I never expected this is my life but the Lord works in mysterious yet marvelous ways.
Andrew Dinh, Diocese of Austin
I migrated around the world from Asia to Europe and then to America. I arrived in Los Angeles from England in '95 and lived there for several years before moved up to Northern California. Then once again, I moved to Texas to resettle and here I heard my calling to the priesthood. Because throughout my immigration journey, I felt that God is always by my side to protect, support, and guide me in every situations. I know God is leading here to this point and I am giving Him thanks.
Vu Nguyen Do, Society of the Divine Word
love decorating, computer designing, video/audio editing, and expressing the beauty of God's creation in art and missionary activities.
Blake Dubroc, Lafayette, La
I owned and operated an Insurance business for four years after graduating from LSU with a degree in Political Science. It was upon returning from World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011 that I could no longer deny God's call for me to be a priest of Jesus Christ.
Phillip Dufour, Providence
did not initially want to become an altar boy around the time I made my First Holy Communion.  But my family encouraged me to do so and I am so glad they did!
Jeffrey Dufresne, Archdiocese of Indianapolis
I really enjoy fishing.
Joseph Dutan, Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens
am a cancer survivor . I was diagnosed with Leukemia Type ALL at the age of 20 in 2008. with the grace of God this year marks 10 years since I was diagnosed.
Edgar Elamparo, Diocese of San Jose
Before my family sent me off to the seminary, I saw my uncle in front of our house with tears in his eyes. I said, “Why are you crying?” He replied, “When you were young, I asked you what would you want to become when you grow up? and you said, I want to become a priest, and now here, you are on your way to your dream.”
Bradley Elliott, Dominican Order
I worked as a professional drum set player in Hollywood before responding to the vocation to the priesthood. I worked as a touring performer and studio musician.
Stephen Elser, Diocese of Little Rock
am a musician, and music has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I play piano, saxophone, organ, cantor, have sung in the seminary choir since I joined, and recently learned how to conduct ensembles.
Joshua Erickson, Diocese of Steubenville
have my Red Belt in Taekwondo from Powers Martial Arts, acted in community theatre for a number of plays and musicals, traveled Europe for 4 months while studying abroad in Austria, started and ran my own business for a short time, served on Student Government during my sophomore and junior years in college.
Michael Feldtz, Cleveland Diocese
...that I have had a variety of jobs and travel experiences before entering the seminary, ranging from working as a deckhand on a freighter to being asked to be a lector (a few times) at the Vatican for JPII.
Vince Fernandez, Tulsa, Oklahoma
I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Kevin Fields, Archdiocese of Washington
am an avid trivia buff and enjoy competing in team trivia competitions.
Michael Folmar, Diocese of Arlington
was a Franciscan for almost 6 years before transferring to my home diocese to serve God more fully with the gifts He's given me as a diocesan priest in a parish.
Br. Peduru Fonseka, O.S.B., Saint Meinrad Archabbey
I loved to take photos when I was a kid. Since I joined the monastery my childhood hobby reignited. I enjoy capturing the fleeting moments of God's creation through the lens of a camera.
William Fox, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
I was turned away once and I almost gave up on a vocation to the priesthood.  Work with my diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting kept hope alive.
Patrick Friend, Little Rock
Did not have an extraordinary path to the priesthood. I came from a regular, go to Mass and pray an occasional rosary, Catholic family. The call to the priesthood was just something that would always come back to me at critical points of my life, and I had enough encouragement from my community to help me say yes.
Roselio Fuentes Jimenez, Tyler
I never imagined to be ordained a priest in the United States, my plan was to study in the seminary in Mexico and become a priest in my country. I know that it was not God's plan for me, He needs me here. I like to play soccer and baseball.
Frank Furman, Springfield
like to travel.
Deacon Misabet Garcia Gil, Archdiocese of Chicago
a person who like to help to poor and sick people. I like to pray the rosary because it has a great benefits. I do not like the injustices and the hypocrisy because God does not like these kind of people. Today, my interest is to be a good priest in the future, as well as, loving to God and being an example for others. I love my family because they are my great support in my new life.
Brett Garland, Diocese of Columbus
preached at my twin brother's wedding just two months after I was ordained a deacon, and I will be the celebrant of my older brother's wedding this summer, just a month after I am ordained a priest.  By living out their particular vocations, both of my brothers have encouraged me in my own vocation.
AGUSTIN GARZA, Chicago Illinois
was raised in a Catholic family, that I am a brother of a Catholic priest, and that I was educated in a Catholic Marist school.
Baldemar Garza, Archdiocese of Boston
Thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother I will be ordained a priest.  Many people will be surprise that I am not the same man when I enter the seminary.  In my second year it was very crucial to find a good speech therapist since all my life I have been a stutterer. Thanks to Our Lord and Our Lady, Fr. Daniel Hennessey my vocation Director and I found a excellent speech therapist specialist Mr. Pace.  I went to have an interview with Mr. Pace, within the first hour or so of the interview he found and declare that the muscles in my mouth and tongue were weak.  Also I did know how to place the tongue correctly in order to pronounce the words and sounds correctly.  Mr. Pace would say did any speech therapist check your mouth and tongue and I said no.  All the years that I had speech therapy not one speech therapist did not check the muscles in mouth and tongue.  Mr. Pace did and the rest is history. 
Francis Gilbert, Norwich Diocese
I believe that my vocation as a Third Order Carmelite and Knight of Columbus had strong positive spiritual and practical influences on my priestly discernment. I'm humbled by the prayers and support of so many clergy and lay faithful that encouraged me towards my priestly vocation. I am a late vocation and have enjoyed scouting, camping and bicycle riding with my son, Justin, through the years.
Ryan Glenn, Diocese of Scranton
was initially in formation for lay ecclesial ministry at the University of Notre Dame from 2011-2014. However, the Holy Spirit gradually led me to discern that my call to ministry in the Church was as an ordained priest.
Juan Gomez, Archdiocese of Miami
I like to cook and to travel and I thought that being in the seminary, it would not be possible but God had made it possible. The more I give myself the more He gives me back in abundance. I am very grateful for this gift of the priesthood.
Matthew Gomez, Archdiocese of Miami
Although I was working as a Bank Teller, I was studying religious studies in College. I wanted to work for the local Catholic Radio Station, then I realized the Lord was calling me to the Seminary; so I quit my job, transferred out of College and entered Seminary.
Carl Gregorich, Memphis Diocese
Worked a full time career in marketing before retiring and then entering the seminary
Daniel Griffin, Society of Mary, Marianists – Province of Meribah
I loved my Parish of Holy Name of Mary and my Diocese of Rockville Centre when I was growing up on Long Island.  I could easily have seen myself as a Diocesan Priest, but the Holy Spirit lead me to the Marianists.  I have a passion for working with young people and leading them to Jesus through his loving Mother Mary.  I was blessed to make my First Profession of Vows on the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary, September 12, 2004.  Please pray for me and I will keep you in mine.
Patrick Hake, Fort Wayne South Bend
I recently learned how to swim.  In the process, I lost an interesting fact about myself.
Chris Hassel, Savannah
Actually joined the military to run away from the call to the priesthood.
Matthew Hawkins, Diocese of Orlando
Am terribly introverted (like many of the priests that I know) and terrified of giving homilies, always picturing a quiet and hidden life instead. Yet, God has called me out of my comfort to witness to the God of all comfort.
Jeff Hebert, Little Rock
played Div-I college football.
Michael Hennessy, CSP, Paulist Fathers
was a high school social studies teacher at New Hampshire's oldest and largest public school, Central High in Manchester. I also coached the boys cross country team there. Since entering the seminary, I have started homebrewing beer.
Osvaldo Hernandez, Archdiocese of New York, NY
I was always feeling different than my friends I knew in my heart that God was calling me to do something different than my friends. When I discover my calling to the priesthood I embraced it and it was because of the adoration to the Blessed Sacrament and my devotion to our Blessed Mother that my vocation got stronger and I was able to say yes to this calling that I received from God. Yes, I was afraid to say yes to God but he have me the strength to leave everything behind to followe Him.
Andrij Hlabse, SJ, Society of Jesus
am an accomplished jazz saxophonist and dedicated Cleveland sports fan.  Music can help lead us to the heart of God!
Tuan Hoang, Society of the Divine Word – U.S. Chicago Province
People might be surprised to know that I am an introvert, but I like to be around people.  Also, I have an interest in exploring nature.
Viet Hoang, Society of Divine Word Missionaries – U.S. Chicago Province
Discerned for the religious priesthood vocation after I graduated from college and worked several years before entering the society. Also, I love to learn new languages and cultures.
John Horan, Diocese of Joliet
heard the call to priesthood as a college student teaching in the Totus Tuus program of my diocese. The witness of faithful friends and inspiring priests and seminarians helped me to see this life as something that God might want for me.
Jay Horning, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and Archdiocese for the Military Services
I was baptized when I was 22 and entered seminary when I was 24. After entering seminary I discerned to serve also as a Military Chaplain and will serve the Army upon my ordination.
Jonathan Howell, Birmingham, Alabama
have six sisters and seven brothers. There is no such thing as a quiet family gathering!
David Huneck, Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
I am left handed and dairy intolerant.
David Hust, Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston
I... am a 7th generation Texan, who has a one-armed sheriff in his family tree, and whose family has farmed an area of Texas for over 100 years.  So, while I'm from Houston, it is my family heritage that is the reason for my great love for the people of Texas, is why I feel called to serve them, and is why I have great interest in justice issues regarding farming and ranching (as well as the host of other issues to which that moral arena is tied).
Martin Ibeh, Diocese of St. Augustine, FL
jogging, biking, and reading spiritual books
Hector Rene Jauregui, Diocse of Sacramento
Entered the Seminary when I was 12 years old. Back in Mexico we have the Minor Seminary and I went to the seminary when I finish my elementary school (Grade 6). I have been in the seminary for 16 years.
Robert Johnson, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
love to deer hunt
Colin Jones, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
played guitar in a garage band called “Us the Plums” in high school. We were really bad.
Alex Juguilon, Crosier Fathers and Brothers, St. Odilia Province
played Division I NCAA tennis in college. I am now an avid cyclist and enjoy playing the piano.
Francis Kalaw, Diocese of San Jose
The Ignatian calling to be a  man for others  summarizes my desire to approach the priesthood, as Jesus said, There is no greater love than to offer one s life to others.  John 15:13 . I am grateful to God for the gift of the seminary community, where I am called to serve others on a daily basis. God-willing, after ordination, I can continue to serve in the many ministries that awaits in the parish.
Matthew Keller, Missionaries of the Precious Blood
Before I was interested in becoming a Missionary of the Precious Blood or a priest, I started to receive vocation promoting material from the Missionaries of the Precious Blood.
Humbert Kilanowski, Dominican Fathers – Province of St. Joseph
...did not even consider the priesthood or religious life as an option when I was growing up.  But God has surprised me with His grace, to lead me through times of uncertainty and hardship, to serve Him and the Church in a way I may not have dreamed possible before, but which has brought a deep sense of joy.
John Kimani, Archdiocese of Santa Fe
That I like watching Disney movies like Moana. I also like hiking and kayaking.
Jack Knight, Archdiocese of Atlanta
My call to the priesthood was first nurtured in my family and parish community, and then brought to fulfillment through discipleship with a Fellowship of Catholic University Students missionary.  I am following the Lord in what I believe is what I was always meant to be; a Catholic Priest.
Christopher Koehn, Diocese of Raleigh
Saying no to the vocation of priesthood in high school and college, I thought the door was closed forever. However, prayer can open doors.
Brian Konzman, Society of Jesus, Maryland Province
never really prayed before my senior year of college. Learning to pray, and the result of that prayer, is what eventually convinced me to contact the vocations office.
Jason LaLonde, Society of Jesus
stopped attending Mass for about seven years before returning to the faith.
Matthias Lambrecht, Discalced Carmelite Friars – California-Arizona Province
was contemplating an engagement to my girlfriend and on tour with a Catholic Rock Band when I heard God's stirring call that changed my life's course.
Patrick LaPacz, Canons Regular of Prémontré – St. Norbert Abbey
am a NFL owner. I own a share of stock in the Green Bay Packers.
Joseph Lappe, Marians of the Immaculate Conception
used to assist as college basketball camps in a few Division I schools in Iowa and Missouri, refereeing or coaching youth.  Now I have taken up bird watching, so I can see these creations of God and give Him glory for handy work.
Dustin Larson, Diocese of Marquette
I had an internship during my college years in which I wrote computer software to test the code that flies certain airplanes. I also enjoy playing soccer and ultimate frisbee.
Aaron Laskiewicz, Archdiocese of Milwaukee
I really enjoy fishing with family and friends. It is a great way for me to unwind and get some relaxation.
Kyle Laylan, Diocese of La Crosse, WI
consider myself a ping-pong master.
Johnson Le, Archdiocese of San Antonio
I'll be the first one in the family to follow the “call” to the Religious/Priestly vocation. I thought I was done with formation the first time around, but God said otherwise and now being ordained a Priest.
Truong Le, Divine Word Missionaries – Chicago Province
can find joy and have fun with life while professing the vows of poverty, obedience, and chastity. I can still go to the movies, enjoy a round of golf, or go for a run.
Benjamin Le, Society of the Divine Word – Western Province
love to make pottery.  It started in high school when I was assigned to a ceramics class against my wishes.  It really grew on me.  Now I give everything a try because who knows, I might like them too!
Richard LeFaivre II, Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon
was an angry atheist in my 20's. The number of Christians I convinced to leave their faith was zero, the number of atheist converted in the process was one.
Taylor Leffler, Archdiocese of Omaha
enjoy playing piano, flying airplanes, and jotting down tasting notes for wine, tea, and coffee.
Darrick Leier, Archdiocese of Denver, CO
I was a four-sport athlete in high school and played college football. After leaving home, I became indifferent to my faith and stopped going to Church. That all changed when my beloved mother passed away in 2011 after a yearlong battle with cancer. Through this sorrowful event, the Lord pierced my heart, radically transformed my life, and brought me back to the faith and His Church in a profound way. I realized he was calling me to something vastly beyond myself. After 1.5 years of deep discernment, I knew it was the priesthood, and entered the seminary at the age of 36.
Carlos Limongi, Archdiocese of New York
I studied graphic design for a little while, but later switched to architecture. I worked in a firm as a Junior Architect in New York city for 5 years before entering seminary.
John LoCoco, Milwaukee WI
played football in college and, until entering seminary, was in a committed relationship of nearly three years.
David Lopez, Fresno
I love roller coasters
Vuong (Vic) Luong, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
am a pool shark. I enjoy fishing and playing sports, too.
Joseph Lustig, Boise
I heard the Lord's call to the priesthood even before I was in kindergarten.
Rev Mr Toulee Peter Ly, Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
entered the seminary based on a dream that I had, which caused me to reflect on my life and where my happiness lay.
David Madejski, Archdiocese of Hartford
I enjoy bringing the Joy of Christ to others. I love to tell stories and make others laugh by building bridges to those I encounter in my life.
Rufino, Jr. Madridejos, CRM, Order of Clerics Regular Minor (Adorno Fathers)
I really love to serve God and His Church. Living with my religious community helps me to nurture and deepen my desire to seek and serve God through the graces and blessings of His priesthood. John Maksym, Archdiocese of Detroit was the longest serving trial and appellate judge in the history of the U.S. Navy.  I also served in a combat zone in Iraq.
Jose De Jesus Mariscal Guzman, Yakima Diocese
was engaged with the wedding plans set, and a home, ready to begin a life a beautiful and joyful young woman. As one of the last preparations for the wedding, my fiance was being confirmed at the Newman Center of the University of Washington, in the Archdiocese of Seattle, our neighboring archdiocese. After the confirmation, we waited to greet the celebrating bishop who I had never met before. When the bishop came up to greet us, he looked into my eyes as if he had known me and said, “How long will it take for you to enter seminary?” This question would change my life. My response was to introduce my fiance to the bishop and after a few awkward and funny remarks, the bishop moved on to other parishioners. However, the question that the bishop asked, ignited a spark in my heart that would never moved on. A few months later I was talking to one of the vicar priests in my home parish who advised me to try the seminary for one year. Seven and a half years later, I am about five months from being ordained a priest of Jesus Christ, thanks to the mercy and the love of God.
Radoslaw Michal Markiewicz, Diocese of Dallas
I have discovered my vocation thanks to the postbaptismal Christian Initiation called the Neocatechumenal Way. In 2006 I was sent to receive my formation in the Redemptoris Mater Diocesan Missionary Seminary in Dallas. I am very grateful to God and to the Church for opening before me that path, which brought me to experience God's love as well as the desire to share it with others.
Louis Masi, Archdiocese of New York:
Nathan Maskal, Fort Wayne-South Bend
Play a number of instruments, including piano and organ.  I also enjoy geocaching, swimming, tennis, and am an avid hockey fan.
Antony Maria Minardi, Marmion Abbey
have enjoyed hiking since I was in grade school.
Angelus Montgomery, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
I am a triplet and that my triplet brother is also a CFR Priest.
Benito S Moreno, Archdiocese of Boston
My vocation came from the Neo-catechumenal way communities which always help me in my christian faith since I am fourteen years old. It helped to think about the vocation and to listen the Voice of the Lord in moment of my life did not want.
Lawrence Morey, Abbey of Gethsemani
am an alcoholic. My conversion to Christianity came in the fourth year of my sobriety.
Patrick Moser, Archdiocese of Omaha
came to know my vocation to the priesthood through working in the silence on the farm. Although I enjoyed the farm work, I heard God calling me and could not refuse.
Christopher Muer, Archdiocese of Detroit
I am the great nephew of a priest, the fourth of eight children and I enjoy the outdoors, hiking, camping, and hunting. In my spare time I also like woodworking, tinkering and other construction projects.
Antonio Musa, Croatian Franciscan, Custody of the Holy Family
Decided to become a Franciscan friar and a priest when I was only 18 years old. Even for me that sounds so unusual. But when I look back in the last 7 years of my life, I see that it was a good decision, decision that made my life happy and fulfilled. And I am grateful for the experience of God Grace that I have been experiencing throughout the years.
John Nahrgang, Phoenix
had a Missionary of Charity sister tell me I would be a priest when I was 21, five years before I converted to Catholicism. She did not know I was not Catholic at the time.
Diego Navarro Rodriguez, Archdiocese of Newark
began to consider the priesthood when I was 16 years old, it took me 20 years of formation to really understand what it meant to be a priest. I Spent almost 8 years as a Benedictine Monk in Colombia. I odd all my formation to this community. Their Spirituality shaped my vocation.
Joshua Nevitt, Camden
have a great love of parish youth ministry. My own high school youth group was fundamental in my discernment, and volunteering with youth ministry as a seminarian helped to reawaken a sense of calling when seminary seemed tough.
Paul Nguyen, Oblates of the Virgin Mary (OMV), St. Ignatius Province
Play the violin, enjoy tent camping in national parks, and have now tripled the languages I'm comfortable using since I entered the seminary with two. My vocation began with an invitation from Mary in the context of Ignatian prayer; the rest is history!
Kien Nguyen, Archdiocese of Louisville
I have been following a call to the priesthood for 23 years since 14 years old. I have gone through different experiences on my vocational journey. I have encountered various choices and challenges in my life. However, the most beautiful experience for me is to recognize God's loving voice and respond to His call by trusting in His love and mercy.
Vincent Kien Nguyen, Archdiocese of New Orleans
I discovered my vocation to the priesthood of Jesus Christ at a health center for people infected with leprosy in Vietnam.
Thien Nguyen, Archdiocese of New Orleans
I came from a big family with eight siblings. I am the sixth of eight. I love Vietnamese noodle soup. I am very sure that all of my siblings also love it. So, my parents always have Vietnamese noodle soup at least once a week for us.
Lambert Nieme, Archdiocese of Boston
like to pray and bless God's name for the gift of life that helps me to be who I am. I have learned a lot thanks to the Catholic Church and now I want to serve the Church as a priest. It is for me a kind of thanksgiving to the Church, and therefore to God, for all the benefits and blessings that I received from Him.
Patrick Nolan, SJ, Society of Jesus
I worked for seven years in the corporate sports marketing industry before entering the Jesuits in my late twenties.
Albrecht Paul Nyce, Benedictine - Glastonbury Abbey
was married, then divorced (and annulled) and have three grown children, all married, and five grandchildren.  I am now a solemnly professed Benedictine monk.  I have a strong interest in the dialog between science and religion.
Kingsley Ogbuji, Society of St. Joseph (Josephites)
Like Jonah, I fought very hard to avoid the call of God. But the more I tried to hide from His presence, the more His love compels me. Like Jeremiah I can only say Lord you have seduced me (Jer 20:7).
Jesus Trinidad Oliveros, Diocese of Joliet
felt called to the priesthood at the age of 11 after I finished reading the story of St Francis of Assisi. Once I entered the seminary in Mexico, I discerned out for a couple years, moving to another city. Through a Franciscan friend in Mexico, I providentially met the vocation director from Joliet, IL, and he invited me to continue my seminary formation in the USA. Since I have been here, I coincidentally have had a deaconate retreat in Assisi and served in Mass in Rome with Pope Francis.
James Olofson, Joliet
was planning to be a high school band director or civil engineer before seminary.  Now, I can't wait to be a priest!
Drew Olson, Madison
was the president of a fraternity in college.
Francisco Javier Oñate-Vargas, Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina
I passed the BPA (Border Patrol Agent) Entrance Exam. I passed on this job opportunity and others in order to enter seminary formation. I wish I can play the piano like a pro!
Cletus Orji, Archdiocese of New Orleans
My desire to be a priest started immediately after my high school. I cannot point to anyone who actually motivated me to consider the vocation to the priesthood. How the desire started, I  am unable to explain. But one thing I know is that while I was about to enter college, a thought kept coming to my mind  in the form of a question: why not enter seminary?  It was so strong to be avoided. And that was how my journey to the priesthood started.
Carlos Ortega, Atlanta
used to practice  martial arts, and I love the study of history and languages.
Robinson Ortiz, Chicago
I created “Red de Seminaristas,” an online network of seminarians. It is a social media project that have more than 25,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The idea is to promote the events of different seminaries around the world and offer opportunities for seminarians to participate in projects, such as video reflections and articles. After 7 years as the coordinator of the project and now that I am ordained, a brother seminarian is in charge along with several other seminarians around the world.
Armando Emmanuel Padilla Contreras, Congregation of Saint Joseph
The first time I ever though of priesthood was when I was 9 years old. I was at mass and looking to the priest I was astonished to see that God was doing something precious for us through the priest.
Greg Parent, Diocese of Green Bay
love sports and the outdoors. I take any chance I can get to hunt, fish, golf, play basketball, or anything else outside and athletic.
Gerson Parra, Archidiocese of Saint Louis
I enjoy climbing mountains and hanging out with my friends. I also like to play soccer and volleyball.
David Paternostro, S.J., Society of Jesus – US Central and Southern Province
Strongly considered following my family in a career as a Naval officer before deciding to become a Jesuit
Victor Patricio Silva, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate
never considered being a priest until I went to “come and see” retreat with a friend to accompany him and I joined the Oblates and my friend did not.
Carl Joseph Paustian, OP, Order of Preachers, Province of St. Martin de Porres
I never expected God would call me to be a priest. Every day that I have spent as a Dominican friar has been a source of joy. Every night as I go to bed, I think that if I got the chance to make this choice all over again, I would choose this every single day.
Deacon Steven Pautler, Diocese of Belleville, Illinois
Was ordained a permanent Deacon in 2008. Retired from Xerox Corporation in 2015 after 32 years.
Stephen Pellessier, Lafayette in Louisiana
have an older brother who was ordained a priest in 2017.
Gabriel Perdomo, Archdiocese of Newark
before of the age of 15 I hated to attend Mass and see the priest's style life. They looked boring for me, wearing that kind of vestments and those horrible colors. Nowadays I dream of it.
Freddy Perez, Diocese of San Angelo
Was not planning to go to college. The Lords calling was far greater then my short comings.
Angel Perez-Brown, Archdiocese of Denver
Even though my parents baptized me as a baby, they themselves were not baptized. As a consequence I was not practicing Catholic until I was 14 through the Neocatechumenal Way. It was in the context of a small community of brothers and sisters in Christ that I discovered my vocation. Before entering the seminary I had many aspirations in life. For example, I wanted to have a family with 19 children.Through this vocation, the Lord is giving me the opportunity to be the spiritual father of many more children.
Scott Perry, Diocese of Toledo
graduated from Ohio State with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. I love to play sports (especially basketball) and enjoy spending time with family and friends. Jason Pettigrew, Archdiocese of Santa Fe Was a cowboy, who made his living off the back of a horse. Catching wild cattle, wild donkeys, and wild horses all over the western states.
Thomas Aquinas (Colin) Pickett, O.P., Order of Preachers (Dominicans), Province of the Most Holy Name of Jesus
Had doubts and difficulties with the faith as a teenager, but was able to overcome them through study and prayer.
Wilberto Piczon, Diocese of San Jose
Did not want to pray the Holy Hour and rosary when I was young. By the grace of God, and through the patience and example of my parents, relatives, teachers, I gradually grew to learn to love these prayers.
Paul-Michael Piega, Diocese of Austin
was a National Tae Kwon Do Jr. Champion and that I was pursuing pre-dentistry studies before entering the seminary.  After a deep conversion experience during a silent retreat in his sophomore year at Texas A&M University, he fell back in love with his Catholic faith and began to discern a vocation towards the priesthood. He enjoys praying for others, graphic designing, video making, singing, drawing, painting, ultimate frisbee and more, but above all enjoys sharing God's joy and love with others.
Robert Pinnisi, Metuchen
Thought about becoming a priest from when I was in elementary school because of the good example of the priests in my parish
Benjamin Pitre, Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana
will be returning to active duty service in the US Navy as a Catholic chaplain after ordination to the priesthood.
Charlie Plovanich, Chicago
Like to listen to the Tallest Man on Earth, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Bright Eyes; watch movies by Asghar Farhadi, Wes Anderson, Alejandro González Iñárritu; read books by Raymond Carver, John Steinbeck, Jhumpa Lahiri, Haruki Murakami. I find in those works and many others the complex and yet simple beauty of humanity, which makes me fall more in love with humanity, which allows me to help people with compassion.
Andrea Povero, Boston
I am the fourth of four children, I lost my father when I was 8 years old, but the greatest gift I received was to discover that God is my father
Aukasz Pyka, Chicago
considered priesthood when I was 17, but at that time I did not want to think about that because I had girlfriend and I wanted to have family. When I was 24 everything changed because I broke up with my girlfriend and I gave myself two years to discern if having family or becoming a priest is my vocation. Two years later after discerment I entered seminary in Poland.
German Ramos, Sacramento
In a nutshell, while a significant number of people have migrated from their countries of origin to the American Soil in search of a better life, I have come to settle in the USA for a unique purpose: to be other Christ in the midst of migrants  plights and their cultural, social, spiritual, linguistic and political  challenges.  As a newcomer and future priest in the American Church, I hope to be a man of God who welcomes, embraces, and loves everybody regardless of who they are or where they come from.
Dominic Rankin, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
am fascinated by space exploration and rocketry, but God gave me the gumption to give seminary a try, and hasn't let me down since!  Also, He's working wonders in my family this year with my sister taking final vows as a contemplative Dominican and my brother getting married!
Mario Rizzo, Oakland
was a theatre major at UC Berkeley in California, and although that life was keeping me somewhat distant from the Church, God used those skills to serve Him as a cantor for Mass, which ultimately brought me to the seminary.
Roberto Rodriguez C., Archdiocese of Denver
I went to law school, became an attorney and worked for 4 years before entering the seminary at 27 years old. I discovered my vocation to the priesthood through participation in the Neocatechumenal Way in my home parish.
Roberto Rodriguez Cruz, Archdiocese of Denver
went to law school, became an attorney and worked for 4 years before entering the seminary at 27 years old.I discovered my vocation to the priesthood in the neocatechumenal way in my home parish.
Jesús Romero Galán, Archdiocese of Chicago
I never thought on becoming a priest. I was even considering marrying my girlfriend and have at least two babies, but once I fell in love with God, nothing would stop me to dedicate my life to Him. After I entered the seminary, my father became a Pentecostal Pastor and made my journey toward priesthood very difficult, but the support of my mother and my brothers and my love for God and his Church help me to overcome every difficulty that came on my way. After 14 years of formation, here I am.
Shawn Roser, Diocese of Venice in Florida
Once was in officer training with the Air Force Reserves where I was pursuing my goals of a career as an fighter pilot and becoming an astronaut. Later, after discerning a priestly vocation, I first served with home missionary efforts in Appalachia before entering the seminary for my home diocese, some years later. I still hold a pilot s license and enjoy wilderness adventure activities.
Christopher Rubie, Archdiocese of St. Louis
I had spent many years in college, graduate school, and in the working world striving to build a professional career, particularly in pursuing a profession in the law. However, thoughts of the priesthood kept coming back to me consistently throughout this period. The call never left me and after some time of putting it off, I responded to God's invitation to discern the priesthood. Since that time I have experienced tremendous peace and joy in my formation for priestly ministry. My years in seminary have brought me clarity and strength to embark on a life of priestly ministry. God willing, I hope and pray my priesthood will bear much fruit.
Justin Ryan, Archdiocese of Seattle
attended Super Bowl XXXV after winning a football pick'em contest. I still love watching and playing sports. Joseph Salser, Archdiocese of Washington Enjoy playing the trumpet. I love canoeing and kayaking. I am an eagle scout.
Rich Samide, Cleveland
have a younger brother who is also in the seminary, and will, God willing, be ordained a priest next year. Our family was not extraordinarily Catholic, but we took discipleship seriously; I strongly believe that is why two of us heard the call to come to seminary.
Peter Santandreu, Buffalo
I was a missionary with Heart s Home in Argentina for 18 months before seminary. I had a masters degree from the university of Toronto in theology before serious discernment. My main hobbies is weightlifting, poetry, and learning languages.
Barry Saylor, Diocese of La Crosse
I was called to the priesthood at the age of 13.  Due to circumstances out of my control I could not attend but the call always stayed with me.  At 42 I finally accepted the call and entered semianry.
Andrew Schumacher, Lafayette, LA
Just your everyday credal Catholic fraternity guy who wanted to get married, have a family, own a business, and take family trips around the world. Yet the constant invitation in prayer to go to the seminary never stopped. After saying no for five years I surrendered a month before my first day of Graduate School. I left the girl of my dreams, shed some tears, packed a bag, shed some more tears and then took a leap. Turns out God knew what he was doing!
Edward Shikina, Columbus (Ohio)
First considered becoming a priest at age 24 when I received a recruiting brochure in the mail from a religious order asking if I had ever considered becoming a priest. I believed it to be a sign from God because I had been asking the question what I should do with my life.
Kyle Shinseki, SJ, Society of Jesus
prefer to pray in Spanish since I was introduced to the Catholic faith by my Mexican American friends in college.
Christian Shiu, Archdiocese of Chicago
have climbed part of the Great Wall of China, and have gone to Costa Rica and Mexico to learn Spanish. I enjoy traveling and exploring new places, and I look forward to doing more of it in the future.
Kyle Sladek, Green Bay, Wisconsin
played trombone in a ska band in high school and enjoy driving with my dad in our sports car to watch racing at the nearby track.  I also like cats and want to learn piano better.
Brent Smith, Dioecese of Lafayette
worked as a RN and then a Nurse Practitioner for 16 years before entering the seminary. Then I had a conversion experience after which I could not deny the call to the priesthood.
John Sollee, Diocese of St. Augustine
dabbled with atheism even amid a Catholic upbringing and, while briefly pursuing a screenwriting career, I started to read more broadly than my narrow secular education dictated and found myself back in the Church and more in tune with the heart of the world than ever before.
Leo Suk Keun Song, Diocese of Rockville Centre
lived in a House of Discernment for one and a half years prior to entering the seminary. The opportunity to spend frequent quiet time with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel there was crucial for my vocational discernment.
Bro. Stephen Spencer, OSJ, Oblates of St. Joseph (Holy Spouses Province – USA)
I enjoy playing guitar, woodworking, and baking bread. Coming from a large family, I am blessed to share the priestly vocation with an older brother of mine (in the same religious congregation) and to share in the joy of family with my other siblings who are married with children.
Padraic Stack, Archdiocese of Omaha
love to climb mountains despite having asthma and living in the Great Plains.
Henry Stephan, Dominican Friars – Province of St. Joseph
I was planning on going into the law or politics instead of becoming a priest. Towards the end of a summer internship, the (devoutly Catholic) federal judge I was working for asked me point-blank, “Why haven't you considered becoming a priest?” Why not, indeed? I wound up entering the Order of Preachers instead of going to law school.
Sean Stilson, San Antonio
love studying economics and political philosophy in order to promote a society of “liberty and justice for all.”
Brian Straus, Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau
loved my engineering career, but still felt God was calling me to the vocation of priesthood, and would fulfill my desires in a new way. Everything I have given up to discern this path has been more than repaid and fulfilled by the Lord.
Eric Studt, Society of Jesus
The imaginative prayer of the Jesuits caught my attention and left me wanting more.  I was edified by the Jesuit communities I visited both here in the USA and abroad.
Shannon Thurman, Archdiocese of Denver, Colorado
was called to the priesthood at 8 years old and then again 19 years old. I answered my call the third time at 43 years old.
William Tklua, Honolulu
Being an older vocation I did not ever dream that this would happen in a million years.  I put my trust in God knowing that he knows my heart and that he will open the doors to make things happen.  I had been out of school for a long time and was nervous that I would not make it.  My trust in God has helped me to succeed and cannot wait to return to my home diocese and minister to the faithful in any way that I can. 
Tomislav Tomic, Archdiocese of Denver
My only relative who lived in USA was a Priest in Johnstown Pensilvania and his name was Emeri Kaic
Jesus Emanuel Torres-Fuentes, Archdioceses of Chicago
like pop music and my favorite singer is Michael Jackson. Also, I like reading, traveling and solving Sudoku.
Pierre Toussaint, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
can still do the things I love, like play basketball and love the Lord at the same time
Mark Tracy, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
I have walked across the United States twice with Crossroads Pro-Life.
John Tran, The Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists)
I was reluctant to be a religious and always said no to my grandmothers and mother when they encouraged me to join a seminary. However, I now thank them and all of those encouraged me. My life has been changed since then.
Anh Tran, Archdiocese of Seattle
Reconsidered the vocation to the priesthood ten years after my initial thought of becoming a priest.
William Tulua, Honolulu
I had been a religious before (a monk) back in the 1980»s.  I did leave, for I thought the monastic life was not for me, but from time to time I do miss the simplicity of the austere life the monks have.  After leaving the monastery I had to do something.  I decided to become a Medical Assistant to give me time to think what I wanted to do.
Reginald Udouj, Diocese of Little Rock
Very shy, having spent my early career as a furniture salesman, I could be very happy being a simple monk, spending my time at work and prayer
Andy Upah, Dubuque
Worked for 8 years doing website development and project management for a consulting firm before seminary.  I enjoy playing and watching many sports – my favorites being baseball, volleyball, football, basketball and snow skiing.
Emanuel Vasconcelos, OFM Conv., Order of Friars Minor Conventual
began my discernment to be a Franciscan friar-priest at a diocesan Come and See weekend!
Eric Velasquez, Archdiocese of Boston
I am cradle Catholic, and I always thought I was very good. In fact, I thought that I was the very best person in Honduras. When I entered the Seminary, I did it with this idea. However, in the seminary, like the desert for the people of Israel, the Lord showed me what is in my heart. I am not without his grace, He makes me good everyday. And, I am grateful, He called me, He has sustained me in the vocation. I have done nothing, but listened to Him.
Jakov Vidov, Archdiocese of Newark
entered the Church and asked to be baptized on my own when I was 13.
Marco Vitrano, Newark
I started to think about becoming a priest thanks to the Neocatechumenal Way, there I discovered the love of God and that He had a mission for me. I did not consider becoming a priest until I was about 16/17 years old. I liked to play soccer and go out with friends. Until I discovered something was missing; I was not happy. After a World Youth Day in Germany, in which I felt very much loved by God, I attended a vocational group in the parish and few years later I entered the seminary.
Rev. Frater Pio Carlo Vottola, St. Michael's Abbey in Orange
I have always and still enjoy photography, art and art history, film, acting, and all various types of stage productions, from musicals to puppets to ballet! I love that the most simple, fun, and enjoyable things can be done for, and show forth, the glory of God.
Minh Vu, Archdiocese of Louisville
I was born as an expected priest since my mom offered me to God since I was in her womb. However, I started internalizing my priesthood vocation when I was in college. During that time I did several researches about street vendors, street children, baggers...and I got a strong feeling that I am called to spend time with these unvoiced, unheard, unrecognized people; I have a strong feeling that I am called to be with Jesus sit down to listen to these marginalized people, to comfort them, and offer whatever troubling them at Mass.
Tho Vu, Society of Jesus
brought people back to life by means of resuscitation of course. Christ calls even this paramedic to religious life and to continue his healing work in the world.
Kyle White, Diocese of Lafayette in Louisiana
was able to be my Dad's sponsor for his reception into the Catholic Church last year!
Shane Wieck, Diocese of Amarillo, TX
Enjoy playing sports, camping, engaging in manual labor, reading works of fiction, listening to folk, classic country, americana, and bluegrass music.
Aaron Williams, Jackson, MS
I have wanted to be a priest my entire life. Within two months after my seminary graduation presbyteral ordination, I will have also completed coursework for a master's degree in liturgical studies.
Jacob Willig, Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Played drums in an Irish/Folk/Rock band for awhile.  God's way offers me the most peace, joy, and Adventure!  It took me a while to trust Him in that.  Thank God for his patient Mercy!
Jarad Wolf, Bismarck
played college football before entering seminary.
Vincent Yeager, T.O.R., Franciscan Friars Third Order Regular, Sacred Heart Province
People might be surprised to know that I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, various sports, and about anything else outdoors.
Thomas Zehr, Fort Wayne-South Bend
I am a flyfisherman and tie most of the flies I use to fish. I used to be in a “Praise and Worship” band in college. I enjoy camping, hiking and most things in the outdoors.
Carter Zielinski, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
struggled tremendously as a child in academics.  Had it not been for the visibly devout Catholic faith of my Catholic school teachers, as well as their desire to help every student, I may have given up on myself, and thus I do not know if I ever would have found my vocation.