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Meet the Ordination Class of 2019


We asked some of the members of the Ordination Class of 2019 to tell us something about themselves that others might find surprising.  Their answers provide some insight as to how each discovered their vocational call.  Congratulations to the Ordination Class of 2019!

baker-michael-90Michael Baker

Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception

"I worked as a television producer before entering my religious congregation.    I enjoy hiking, photography, listening to music and spending time with my religious brothers."

cone-tim-90Timothy Cone

Diocese of Sioux Falls

"I am a classical violinist, singer, and choral conductor and arranger."

darmanin-dan-90Daniel Darmanin

Archdiocese of New Orleans

"I am an amateur carpenter and pipe organist."

Henry FinchHenry Finch

Diocese of Austin

"I fly small airplanes."

Richard GutierrezRichard Gutierrez

Diocese of Corpus Christi

"I am a movie buff! I often like to go to movies with friends and family and it surprises people that I also love Broadway musicals like Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables."

klekas-patrick-90Patrick Klekas

Diocese of Reno

"I spent five years playing guitar in a punk rock band that toured the country and recorded albums."

Chan LeeChan Lee

Archdiocese of Newark

"I was a self-professed agnostic as a teenager."

loehr-lc-jared-90Jared Loehr

Legionaries of Christ

"I enjoy wakeboarding, endurance sports, and helping others to flourish.  Life is a huge gift and I hope to faithfully give all that I've received."

marshall-dean-90Dean Marshall

Diocese of Sacramento

"I have a deep love of astronomy and that the study of the night sky helped lead me to baptism and faith in God at age 20."


may-patrick-90Patrick May

Diocese of Savannah

"Prior to seminary, I co-hosted "The SportsWire" on AM radio."

pick-timothy-90Timothy Pick

Diocese of Sioux City

"I am a trained vocalist, musician, and 20 plus year community theatre thespian."

peterman-derik-90Derik Peterman

Archdiocese of Detroit

"I was a pole vaulter at a Division I university.  I try to keep involved with the sport by coaching and competing."

regalado-ramiro-90Ramiro Regalado, Jr.

Diocese of Corpus Christi

"I still enjoy playing music and watching sports.  I find that playing music is something that is integral to my own personal health and wellness."

riviere-patrick-90Patrick Riviere

Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

"I was planning to be a medical doctor before going to seminary."

Adam RosinskiAdam Rosinski

Society of Jesus

"I was a high school baseball coach at one point during my formation."

Gustavo Amell SanesGustavo Amell Sanes

Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity

"I love to study the Bible.  For that matter, I am studying ancient languages such as Hebrew and Greek."

shoffner-mark-90Mark Shoffner

Diocese of Jackson

"I was Registered Nurse who worked in a Cardio ICU before I came to seminary.  I like to garden, hunt, cook, bake and I have a large collection of books."

stavarz-david-90David Stavarz

Diocese of Cleveland

"I love riding in the front seat of roller coasters and collecting vinyl records."

stinson-cassidy-90Cassidy Stinson

Diocese of Richmond

"I wanted to be an archeologist before I entered the seminary!"

William SummerlinWilliam Summerlin

Diocese of Lafayette

"I have played baseball since I was five years old."

mcandrew-michael-90Michael McAndrew

Archdiocese of Dubuque

"I was a trained professional singer before seminary.  I've sung in several operas."

seo-daniel-90Daniel Seo

Diocese of Orange

"I enjoy backpacking and fishing in the summertime and snowboarding in the winter."



More Ordination Class of 2019 Quotes

"I never altar served as a youth and was terrified of lectoring at Mass."

Stephen Buting, Archdiocese of Milwaukee


"I am an amateur archeologist, having dug in Bethsaida and near the Dead Sea.  Before seminary I was a schoolteacher."

John Calabro, Diocese of Paterson


"I do photography as part of my spiritual life.  Also, I love motorcycles."

Edwuin Cardona, Diocese of Nashville


"I enjoy studying different languages and learning about different cultures - especially trying out their food."

Alfonso Gamez, Diocese of Charlotte


"I studied electrical engineering for six years prior to seminary."

John Gancarz, Archdiocese of Hartford


"I was raised on a hog farm, that I am an avid soccer enthusiast, that singing in choirs is one of my favorite things, and that I love to travel."

Andrew Hess, Archdiocese of Cincinnati


"I once drove a taxicab (before Uber or Lyft) on the weekends while holding a full-time job during the week."

Timothy Kalange, Benedictines Mount Angel Abbey


"I was 12 when I first saw a religious priest giving bread to the poor and wanted to be one like him.  After living with the Capuchin Franciscans for 10 years, I discerned out.  I came back after 15 years and I felt at home with the Vincentians ever since I joined 5 years ago.  I am content with my call now and I want to serve as a priest for the rest of my life.  God works in mysterious ways.  Let His will be done."

Ben Melaku, Congregation of the Mission


"I was a Dental Assistant before I entered the seminary.  I have traveled to fifteen different countries.  I was a member of the United States Air Force Honor Guard, where I participated in the inauguration of President George W. Bush and the funeral of President Ronald Reagan."

Charles Moat Jr., Society of the Divine Word


"I used to participate in wilderness search-and-rescue operations and enjoy being outdoors."

Brian O'Hanlon, Archdiocese of Boston


"I studied Game Development for my undergraduate degree."

Alfredo Porras, Diocese of Worcester


"I wanted to pursue a career in music before I entered the seminary."

Gustavo Ramirez, Salesians of Don Bosco


"I enjoy cooking, nature hikes, weightlifting, and snorkeling while on vacation."

Nicholas Reynolds, Order of Preachers - Province of St. Martin de Porres


"I grew up on a farm in eastern Colorado and then after college worked for a top political consultant doing opposition research and ad development."

Nathan Rueb, Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph


"I began visiting the sick and homebound when I was fifteen years old.  And since then, it has been one of my favorite ministries."

Miguel Angel Ruiz, Archdiocese of Los Angeles


"I enjoy playing violin and considered a career in violin performance before discerning to enter religious life."

Matthew Schuster, Canons Regular of St. John Cantius


"I turned down two engineering job offers to become a friar and a priest, and I haven't regretted it for a moment!  Surprisingly, I still get to use those skills on a pretty regular basis."

Vincent Yeager, Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular


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