Throughout its history, CCHD and CCHD grantees have at times been subject to organized, exploitative attacks. Although sometimes these attacks originate in a misperception of the mission of CCHD to empower communities in their work to overcome injustice and economic marginalization, at times they derive from opposition to the Church’s teaching and work in the field of charity and justice. These attacks are sometimes given an added mouthpiece through repetition in Internet media echo chambers, furnishing them with a false patina of importance and credibility.

Despite best efforts to engage critics and set the record straight, this may continue to be the case. It is important to know the following.
  • As the official national anti-poverty program of the bishops in the United States, CCHD is governed and overseen by the bishops, accountable to the bishops, and operates at the highest levels of fidelity to Church teaching, integrity and transparency.
  • CCHD is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-community and will never do anything to undermine that commitment.
  • CCHD monitors every award recipient through an exactingreporting process and works jointly with individual dioceses to ensure each group’s harmony with authentically Catholic sensibilities. Every year, each group’s grant receives the formal written endorsement of the local bishop.
  • Justice requires that CCHD investigate with due diligence any claim that a funded group may be engaged in activities contrary to Catholic teaching. However, prudence recommends that repetitious claims originating from the same sources as in years past be considered with reasonable skepticism based on a consistent track record of misreporting.
  • Any credible allegation is thoroughly investigated by CCHD in partnership with the local diocese. In the case of any group that engages in activities contrary to Catholic teaching, the situation will be rectified quickly, responsibly and charitably in deference to the local Ordinary.
Every November, Catholics across the United States are given the opportunity through CCHD’s annual collection to participate in the bishops’ work of solidarity with all of those in our country who suffer from exploitation, lack of dignified work, injustice and marginalization. This work continues to change lives. This work is powerful, healing and restorative and demonstrates Christ’s ability to overcome all that stands in the way of unity and charity.

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Bishop Soto and Bishop Blaire Memorandum
September 28, 2011

Review and Renewal of CCHD

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