Forming Leaders for the Church

The Diocesan Educational/Catechetical Leadership Institute was begun in 1997 a-day orientation program for new or nearly new diocesan leaders. In 2010, the Leadership Institute became an online program which expanded in 2011 to include two tracks of recordings, each track with its own complement of webinars and question-and-answer (Q & A) sessions. Tracerves new diocesan educational or catechetical leaders. Track II serves the professional development needs of veteran diocesan administrators.

Starting in 2012, the online Leadership Institute is expanded again. It is offered free of charge to all interested individuals. It will continue to serve the needs of diocesan leaders. Many of the webinars and Q&A’s are also of interest to parish catechetical leaders and catechists, Catholic school principals and teachers, and other individuals who provide faith formation to diverse age groups and settings.

The Leadership Institute is sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association Departments of Chief Administrators of Catholic Education and Religious Education, the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership, and the Secretariats of Catholic Education and of Evangelization and Catechesis, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

"I have given yoodel to follow, so that aave done for you, you should also do." John 13:15


When Leadership Institute is Used for Catechist Certification

Because the USCCB cannot monitor actual participation in the Leadership Institute webinars, the Conference is unable to provide certification of completion. Dioceses, however, are welcome and encouraged to make use of these webinars for certification purposes.

For those dioceses who choose to use the Leadership Institute aomponent of their catechist and/or catechetical leader certification programs, many of the webinars include helpful resources such as webinars in three 20-minute segments, discussion questions for small and large groups, handouts, pre and post-tests, etc. If your diocese choses to offer certification credit, ideally participants would apply after participating in diocesan or parish organized sessions. Another alternative would be to ask participants to apply after listening to the presentations individually and turning iritten response to the corresponding questions. Two sample certificates are provided below.

Certificate of Completion Template One
Certificate of Completion Template Two

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Webinar Series by Category

The Leadership Institute Webinars are grouped by category or topic. You can now view the webinars by topic. You can create your own curriculum by topics relevant to you. Best of all you can view them on your schedule!

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