Young artists are invited to imagine what this “journey of hope” looks like or represent the ways people in migration walk together on the journey, with their families, with others they meet along the way, with communities in the US who receive and accompany them, with advocates who seek more dignified migration alongside them. Entries could also paint a picture of the artist’s vision for what they hope the migration journey could look like in the future: what does it look like to, as the pastoral letter states, “help newcomers integrate in ways that are respectful, that celebrate their cultures, and that are responsive to their social needs, leading to a mutual enrichment of the local church?” What images, words or colors represent this “journey of hope?”

For more information related to the rules of the competition and how you can enter, please be sure to read the following:

Be sure to follow the guidelines closely and provide all the information requested in order to qualify for the competition. Should you have any questions, please contact Todd Scribner at @email.