Refugee Travel Loans Collection

About Refugee Travel Loans

Refugees traveling to the United States are issued loans by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to pay for the costs of their transportation from overseas to the U.S. resettlement sites and for various medical screening costs. The funds to cover the transportation are provided to IOM by the State Department’s Bureau for Population, Migration and Refugees.

A promissory note is signed by every refugee 18 years and older prior to arrival in the U.S. This note confirms the refugee’s agreement to make regular monthly payments to the sponsoring agency, in this case USCCB. These payments are used to reimburse the U.S. government for the funds it provided to IOM for refugee transportation.

The travel loan is an interest-free loan which refugees generally begin to pay back after the first six months of arrival. The diocesan resettlement network assists refugees in securing the necessary paperwork to begin this process. Refugees with questions about this process should contact their local resettlement office.

The repayment of these loans enables the U.S. government to continue to assist refugees.

Information for Refugees Resettled by USCCB/MRS:

Refugee Travel Loan Contact Information
Refugees resettled through the USCCB/MRS resettlement network can update their contact information for their refugee travel loan, by filling out this electronic form.

Quick Travel Loan Payment Options
Refugees resettled through the USCCB/MRS resettlement network can also utilize an online payment system. Read these instructions to learn more.

Travel Loans Collections Customer Service
Contact our Customer Service Line with any questions about your travel loan: 1.800.233.0213.


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