Catechism of the Catholic Church

120 Part One of God’s Son, not by itself but by its union with the Word, knew and showed forth in itself everything that pertains to God.” 105 Such is first of all the case with the intimate and immediate knowledge that the Son of God made man has of his Father. 106 The Son in his human knowledge also showed the divine penetration he had into the secret thoughts of human hearts. 107 474 By its union to the divine wisdom in the person of the Word incarnate, Christ enjoyed in his human knowledge the full- ness of understanding of the eternal plans he had come to reveal. 108 What he admitted to not knowing in this area, he elsewhere de- clared himself not sent to reveal. 109 Christ’s human will 475 Similarly, at the sixth ecumenical council, Constantinople III in 681, the Church confessed that Christ possesses two wills and two natural operations, divine and human. They are not opposed to each other, but cooperate in such a way that the Word made flesh willed humanly in obedience to his Father all that he had decided divinely with the Father and the Holy Spirit for our salvation. 110 Christ’s human will “does not resist or oppose but rather submits to his divine and almighty will.” 111 Christ’s true body 476 Since the Word became flesh in assuming a true humanity, Christ’s body was finite. 112 Therefore the human face of Jesus can be portrayed; at the seventh ecumenical council (Nicaea II in 787) the Church recognized its representation in holy images to be legitimate. 113 477 At the same time the Church has always acknowledged that in the body of Jesus “we recognize in him God made visible, [so that] we may be caught up through him in the love of things invisible.” 114 The individual characteristics of Christ’s body 105 St. Maximus the Confessor, Qu. et dub. 66: PG 90, 840A. 106 Cf. Mk 14:36; Mt 11:27; Jn 1:18; 8:55; etc. 107 Cf. Mk 2:8; Jn 2:25; 6:61; etc. 108 Cf. Mk 8:31; 9:31; 10:33-34; 14:18-20, 26-30. 109 Cf. Mk 13:32; Acts 1:7. 110 Cf. Council of Constantinople III (681): DS 556-559. 111 Council of Constantinople III: DS 556. 112 Cf. Council of the Lateran (649): DS 504. 113 Cf. Gal 3:1; cf. Council of Nicaea II (787): DS 600-603. 114 Roman Missal, Preface I of the Nativity of the Lord. 240 2008 2824 1159-1162 2129-2132