Catechism of the Catholic Church

264 Part One My earthly desire has been crucified; . . . there is living water in me, water that murmurs and says within me: Come to the Father. 581 I want to see God and, in order to see him, I must die. 582 I am not dying; I am entering life. 583 1012 The Christian vision of death receives privileged expres- sion in the liturgy of the Church: 584 Indeed for your faithful, Lord, life is changed not ended, and, when this earthly dwelling turns to dust, an eternal dwelling is made ready for them in heaven. 585 1013 Death is the end of man’s earthly pilgrimage, of the time of grace and mercy which God offers him so as to work out his earthly life in keepingwith the divine plan, and to decide his ultimate destiny. When “the single course of our earthly life” is completed, 586 we shall not return to other earthly lives: “It is appointed for men to die once.” 587 There is no “reincarnation” after death. 1014 The Church encourages us to prepare ourselves for the hour of our death. In the ancient litany of the saints, for instance, she has us pray: “From everlasting death, Lord, deliver us, we pray”; 588 to ask the Mother of God to intercede for us “at the hour of our death” in the Hail Mary; and to entrust ourselves to St. Joseph, the patron of a happy death. Every action of yours, every thought, should be those of one who expects to die before the day is out. Death would have no great terrors for you if you had a quiet conscience . . . . Then why not keep clear of sin instead of running away from death? If you aren’t fit to face death today, it’s very unlikely you will be tomorrow . . . . 589 Praised are you, my Lord, for our sister bodily Death, from whom no living man can escape. Woe on those who will die in mortal sin! Blessed are they who will be found in your most holy will, for the second death will not harm them. 590 581 St. Ignatius of Antioch, Ad Rom., 6, 1- 2: Apostolic Fathers, II/2, 223-224. 582 St. Teresa of Avila, Life, chap. 1. 583 St. Thérèse of Lisieux, The Last Conversations. 584 Cf. 1 Thess 4:13-14. 585 Roman Missal, Preface I for the Dead. 586 LG 48 § 3. 587 Heb 9:27. 588 Roman Missal, Litany of the Saints, 43. 589 The Imitation of Christ, 1, 23, 1. 590 St. Francis of Assisi, Canticle of the Creatures. 2676-2677