Catechism of the Catholic Church

284 Part Two of the Church is that we may live from the life of the risen Christ. When the Spirit encounters in us the response of faith which he has aroused in us, he brings about genuine cooperation. Through it, the liturgy becomes the commonwork of theHoly Spirit and theChurch. 1092 In this sacramental dispensation of Christ’s mystery the Holy Spirit acts in the same way as at other times in the economy of salvation: he prepares the Church to encounter her Lord; he recalls and makes Christ manifest to the faith of the assembly. By his transforming power, he makes the mystery of Christ present here and now. Finally the Spirit of communion unites the Church to the life and mission of Christ. The Holy Spirit prepares for the reception of Christ 1093 In the sacramental economy the Holy Spirit fulfills what was prefigured in the Old Covenant. Since Christ’s Church was “prepared in marvellous fashion in the history of the people of Israel and in the Old Covenant,” 14 the Church’s liturgy has re- tained certain elements of the worship of the Old Covenant as integral and irreplaceable, adopting them as her own: — notably, reading the Old Testament; — praying the Psalms; — above all, recalling the saving events and significant realities which have found their fulfillment in the mystery of Christ (promise and covenant, Exodus andPassover, kingdomand temple, exileandreturn). 1094 It is on this harmony of the two Testaments that the Paschal catechesis of the Lord is built, 15 and then, that of the Apostles and theFathers of theChurch. This catechesisunveilswhat layhiddenunder the letter of the Old Testament: the mystery of Christ. It is called “typological” because it reveals the newness of Christ on the basis of the “figures” (types) which announce him in the deeds, words, and symbols of the first covenant. By this re-reading in the Spirit of Truth, starting from Christ, the figures are unveiled. 16 Thus the flood and Noah’s ark prefigured salvation by Baptism, 17 as did the cloud and the crossing of the Red Sea. Water from the rock was the figure of the spiritual gifts of Christ, and manna in the desert prefigured the Eucharist, “the true bread from heaven.” 18 14 LG 2. 15 Cf. DV 14-16; Lk 24:13-49. 16 Cf. 2 Cor 3:14-16. 17 Cf. 1 Pet 3:21. 18 Jn 6:32; cf. 1 Cor 10:1-6. 737 762 121 2585 1081 128-130