Catechism of the Catholic Church

424 Part Three S ection O ne M an ’ s V ocation L ife in the S pirit 1699 Life in the Holy Spirit fulfills the vocation of man ( chapter one ). This life is made up of divine charity and human solidarity ( chapter two ). It is graciously offered as salvation ( chapter three ). C hapter O ne T he D ignity of the H uman P erson 1700 The dignity of the human person is rooted in his creation in the image and likeness of God ( article 1 ); it is fulfilled in his vocation to divine beatitude ( article 2 ). It is essential to a human being freely to direct himself to this fulfillment ( article 3 ). By his deliberate actions ( article 4 ), the human person does, or does not, conform to the good promised by God and attested by moral conscience (article 5). Human beings make their own contribution to their interior growth; they make their whole sentient and spiri- tual lives into means of this growth ( article 6 ). With the help of grace they grow in virtue ( article 7 ), avoid sin, and if they sin they entrust themselves as did the prodigal son 1 to the mercy of our Father in heaven ( article 8 ). In this way they attain to the perfection of charity. A rticle 1 MAN: THE IMAGE OF GOD 1701 “Christ, . . . in the very revelation of the mystery of the Father and of his love, makes man fully manifest to himself and brings to light his exalted vocation.” 2 It is in Christ, “the image of the invisible God,” 3 that man has been created “in the image and likeness” of the Creator. It is in Christ, Redeemer and Savior, that the divine image, disfigured in man by the first sin, has been restored to its original beauty and ennobled by the grace of God. 4 1 Lk 15:11-32. 2 GS 22. 3 Col 1:15; cf. 2 Cor 4:4. 4 Cf. GS 22. 356 1439 359