Catechism of the Catholic Church

642 Part Four when he promises the gift of the Spirit of Truth. 24 But the simplest and most direct prayer is also traditional, “Come, Holy Spirit,” and every liturgical tradition has developed it in antiphons and hymns. Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. 25 Heavenly King, Consoler Spirit, Spirit of Truth, present everywhere and filling all things, treasure of all good and source of all life, come dwell in us, cleanse and save us, you who are All-Good. 26 2672 The Holy Spirit, whose anointing permeates our whole being, is the interior Master of Christian prayer. He is the artisan of the living tradition of prayer. To be sure, there are as many paths of prayer as there are persons who pray, but it is the same Spirit acting in all and with all. It is in the communion of the Holy Spirit that Christian prayer is prayer in the Church. In communion with the holy Mother of God 2673 In prayer the Holy Spirit unites us to the person of the only Son, in his glorified humanity, through which and in which our filial prayer unites us in the Church with the Mother of Jesus. 27 2674 Mary gave her consent in faith at the Annunciation and maintained it without hesitation at the foot of the Cross. Ever since, her motherhood has extended to the brothers and sisters of her Son “who still journey on earth surrounded by dangers and difficul­ ties.” 28 Jesus, the only mediator, is the way of our prayer; Mary, his mother and ours, is wholly transparent to him: she “shows the way” ( hodigitria ), and is herself “the Sign” of the way, according to the traditional iconography of East and West. 2675 Beginning with Mary’s unique cooperation with the work­ ing of the Holy Spirit, the Churches developed their prayer to the holyMother of God, centering it on the person of Christ manifested in his mysteries. In countless hymns and antiphons expressing this prayer, two movements usually alternate with one another: the first “magnifies” the Lord for the “great things” he did for his lowly 24 Cf. Jn 14:17; 15:26; 16:13. 25 Lectionary for Mass : Gospel Acclamation, Pentecost Sunday. 26 Byzantine Liturgy, Pentecost Vespers, Troparion. 27 Cf. Acts 1:14. 28 LG 62. 695 689 494 970 512 2619