Catechism of the Catholic Church

Christian Prayer 659 A rticle 3 THE PRAYER OF THE HOUR OF JESUS 2746 When “his hour” came, Jesus prayed to the Father. 43 His prayer, the longest transmitted by the Gospel, embraces the whole economy of creation and salvation, as well as his death and Resur­ rection. The prayer of the Hour of Jesus always remains his own, just as his Passover “once for all” remains ever present in the liturgy of his Church. 2747 Christian Tradition rightly calls this prayer the “priestly” prayer of Jesus. It is the prayer of our high priest, inseparable from his sacrifice, from his passing over (Passover) to the Father to whom he is wholly “consecrated.” 44 2748 In this Paschal and sacrificial prayer, everything is recapit­ ulated in Christ: 45 God and the world; the Word and the flesh; eter­ nal life and time; the love that hands itself over and the sin that betrays it; the disciples present and those who will believe in him by their word; humiliation and glory. It is the prayer of unity. 2749 Jesus fulfilled the work of the Father completely; his prayer, like his sacrifice, extends until the end of time. The prayer of this hour fills the end-times and carries them toward their consummation. Jesus, the Son to whom the Father has given all things, has given himself wholly back to the Father, yet expresses himself with a sovereign freedom 46 by virtue of the power the Fa­ ther has given him over all flesh. The Son, who made himself Ser­ vant, is Lord, the Pantocrator. Our high priest who prays for us is also the one who prays in us and the God who hears our prayer. 2750 By entering into the holy name of the Lord Jesus we can accept, from within, the prayer he teaches us: “Our Father!” His priestly prayer fulfills, fromwithin, the great petitions of the Lord’s Prayer: concern for the Father’s name; 47 passionate zeal for his kingdom (glory); 48 the accomplishment of the will of the Father, of his plan of salvation; 49 and deliverance from evil. 50 43 Cf. Jn 17. 44 Cf. Jn 17:11, 13, 19. 45 Cf. Eph 1:10. 46 Cf. Jn 17:11, 13, 19, 24. 47 Cf. Jn 17:6, 11, 12, 26. 48 Cf. Jn 17:1, 5, 10, 22, 23-26. 49 Cf. Jn 17:2, 4, 6, 9, 11, 12, 24. 50 Cf. Jn 17:15. 1085 518 820 2616 2815