Catechism of the Catholic Church

Christian Prayer 673 I. “H allowed B e T hy N ame ” 2807 The term “to hallow” is to be understood here not primar­ ily in its causative sense (only God hallows, makes holy), but above all in an evaluative sense: to recognize as holy, to treat in a holy way. And so, in adoration, this invocation is sometimes understood as praise and thanksgiving. 66 But this petition is here taught to us by Jesus as an optative: a petition, a desire, and an expectation in which God and man are involved. Beginning with this first petition to our Father, we are immersed in the innermost mystery of his Godhead and the drama of the salvation of our humanity. Asking the Father that his name be made holy draws us into his plan of loving kindness for the fullness of time, “according to his purpose which he set forth in Christ,” that we might “be holy and blameless before him in love.” 67 2808 In the decisive moments of his economy God reveals his name, but he does so by accomplishing his work. This work, then, is realized for us and in us only if his name is hallowed by us and in us. 2809 The holiness of God is the inaccessible center of his eternal mystery. What is revealed of it in creation and history, Scripture calls “glory,” the radiance of his majesty. 68 In making man in his image and likeness, God “crowned himwith glory and honor,” but by sinning, man fell “short of the glory of God.” 69 From that time on, God was to manifest his holiness by revealing and giving his name, in order to restore man to the image of his Creator. 70 2810 In the promise toAbraham and the oath that accompanied it, 71 God commits himself but without disclosing his name. He begins to reveal it to Moses and makes it known clearly before the eyes of the whole people when he saves them from the Egyptians: “he has triumphed gloriously.” 72 From the covenant of Sinai on­ wards, this people is “his own” and it is to be a “holy (or “conse­ crated”: the same word is used for both in Hebrew) nation,” 73 because the name of God dwells in it. 66 Cf. Ps 111:9; Lk 1:49. 67 Eph 1:9, 4. 68 Cf. Ps 8; Isa 6:3. 69 Ps 8:5; Rom 3:23; cf. Gen 1:26. 70 Col 3:10. 71 Cf. Heb 6:13. 72 Ex 15:1; cf. 3:14. 73 Cf. Ex 19:5-6. 2142-2159 2097 203, 432 293 705 63