CCEE Annual Report 2020

4 COLLECTION FOR THE CHURCH IN CENTRAL AND EASTERN EUROPE Statement of Revenue, Expenses, and Other Changes in Net Assets for the Year Ending December 31, 2020 Revenues National Collections Contributions $6,553,466 Income on Investments $1,050,613 Total Revenues: $7,604,079 Expenses • Grants and Donations* $6,133,190 89.28% • Program Costs $403,516 5.87% • Promotion and Fundraising Expenses $259,293 3.77% • Administrative Expenses** $73,427 1.07% Total Expenses: $6,869,426 100% Changes in Net Assets from Operations $734,653 Non-Operating Activities Unrealized (Loss) Gain on Investments $641,242 Changes in Net Assets $1,375,895 Net Assets at the Beginning of the Year $10,764,474 Net Assets at the End of the Year $12,140,369 *Grants approved in 2020 totaled $6,132,936. Grants and donations in 2020 totaled $6,133,190, which includes payments and write-offs to grants approved in 2020 and prior years. **Administrative expenses include a small fund transfer credited to the collection and reflected separately in USCCB audited financial statements. See the complete USCCB financial report at .