CCHD Annual Report 2019

2019-2020 Distribution of Approved Grants Total Number of Grants: 244 | Total Amount Approved: $15,898,424 Grant Type Total Number of Grants Amount Funded Community and 215 $11,420,850 Economic Development Strategic National and Regional Grants 18 $4,184,100 Technical Assistance 11 $293,474 COLLECTION FOR THE CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Statement of Revenue, Expenses, and Other Changes in Net Assets for the Year Ending December 31, 2019 Revenue National Collections Contributions $9,561,423 Grants, Bequests, and Other $394,494 Income on Investments $2,541,721 Total Revenue $12,497,638 Expenses • Grants and Donations * $12,187,855 79.16% • Allocations-Internal Grants** $2,801,326 18.19% • Promotions and Fundraising $343,990 2.23% • Program Costs $63,548 0.41% Total Expenses $15,396,749 Total Expenses, Excluding Internal Grants: $12,595,423 Total Grants and Donations, Including Internal Grants: $14,989,211 Changes in Net Assets from Operations ($2,899,111) Non-Operating Activities Unrealized (Loss) Gain on Investments $3,826,855 Changes in Net Assets $927,744 Net Assets at the Beginning of the Year $34,957,945 Net Assets at the End of the Year $35,885,689 *Grants approved in 2019 totaled $15,898,424. Grants and donations in 2019 totaled $14,989,211 and included payments to grants approved in 2019 and prior years. **Internal grants include a distribution from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development collection for CCHD oper- ating expenses and for the USCCB Justice, Peace and Human Development’s education and outreach program to engage Catholics in our faith-filled call to address the root causes of poverty. See the complete USCCB financial report at . 4