CCHD Annual Report 2020

COLLECTION FOR THE CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Statement of Revenue, Expenses, and Other Changes in Net Assets for the Year Ending December 31, 2020 Revenues National Collections Contributions $4,094,604 Grants, Bequests, and Other $14,835 Income on Investments $2,191,187 Total Revenues $6,300,626 Expenses • Grants and Donations * $18,827,477 87.54% • Allocations-Internal Grants** $2,341,113 10.88% • Promotions and Fundraising Expenses $274,325 1.28% • Program Costs $65,337 0.30% Total Expenses $21,508,252 Total Expenses, Excluding Internal Grants: $19,167,139 Total Grants and Donations Including Internal Grants: $21,168,590 Changes in Net Assets from Operations ($15,207,626) Non-Operating Activities Unrealized (Loss) Gain on Investments $1,337,392 Changes in Net Assets ($13,870,234) Net Assets at the Beginning of the Year $35,885,689 Net Assets at the End of the Year $22,015,455 *Grants approved in 2020 totaled $18,205,537. Grants and donations in 2020 totaled $21,168,590 and includes payments and write-offs to grants approved in 2020 and prior years. **Internal grants include a distribution from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection for CCHD oper- ations expenses and for USCCB Justice, Peace and Human Development’s Education and Outreach program that includes engaging Catholics in our faith-filled call to address the root causes of poverty. See the complete USCCB financial report at . 4