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Directory of the Church in Albania


Apostolic Nunciature to Albania
Most Reverend Giovanni Bulaitis
Apostolic Nuncio to Albania
PO Box 8355 Tirane Rruga Durresit 13
Tel. (355-42) 33-516
Fax: (355-42) 32-001
E-mail: nunapal@icc-al.org

Albanian Bishops Conference
Most Reverend Angelo Massafra, O.F.M.
President of the Albanian Bishops Conference
Rruga Don Bosco 1
2950 Tirana
Tel. (042) 47-159
Fax: (042) 47-159
E-mail: cealbania@albnet.net

Archdiocese of Durrs-Tiran
Most Reverent Rrok K. Mirdita
Archbishop of Durres-Tirane
Arqipeshkvia, Bulevard Xha dArk
Tel. (355-4) 232-082
Fax: (355-4) 230-727
E-mail: arq@icc.al.org

Archdiocese of Shkodr
Most Reverend Angelo Massafra
Archbishop of Shkodr
Krueipeshkevi, Sheshi Gijon Pali II
Shkodr, Shqipria
Tel. (355-22) 427-44
Fax: (355-22) 436-73

Apostolic Administration of Southern Albania
Most Reverend Hil Kabashi
Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania
Kisha Katolike
Ladjja i Maj, Fier
Tel. (064) 239-60
Fax: (064) 239-60


Diocese of Lezh

Bishop of Lezh
Ipeshkevi Lezh
Rruga e Kalas Ish Dega Ustarake
Tel. (355) 215-49-21
Fax: (355) 215-49-21
E-mail: ottavio59@adanet.net

Diocese of Pult
Bishop of Pult
Kurja Ipeshkvnore Pult-Bajze
Malesia e Madhe, Shqipria
Tel. (355-38) 20-37-277

Diocese of Rrshen
Bishop of Rreshen
Kish Katedrale Katolike
Rruga Sh.Vincenci
Rrshen, Shqiperia
Tel. (355) 21-62-539
Fax: (355) 21-62-539

Diocese of Sap
Bishop of Sap
Ipershkevi Sap
Vau Dejs
Shkodr, Shqipria
Tel. (068) 20-49-173
Fax: (068) 20-40-092
E-mail: sapa@icc-al.org

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