Catechism of the Catholic Church

The Celebration of the Christian Mystery 297 1146 Signs of the human world. In human life, signs and symbols occupy an important place. As a being at once body and spirit, man expresses and perceives spiritual realities through physical signs and symbols. As a social being, man needs signs and symbols to communicate with others, through language, gestures, and ac­ tions. The same holds true for his relationship with God. 1147 God speaks to man through the visible creation. The ma- terial cosmos is so presented to man’s intelligence that he can read there traces of its Creator. 16 Light and darkness, wind and fire, water and earth, the tree and its fruit speak of God and symbolize both his greatness and his nearness. 1148 Inasmuch as they are creatures, these perceptible realities can become means of expressing the action of God who sanctifies men, and the action of men who offer worship to God. The same is true of signs and symbols taken from the social life of man: washing and anointing, breaking bread and sharing the cup can express the sanc­ tifying presence of God and man’s gratitude toward his Creator. 1149 The great religions of mankind witness, often impres­ sively, to this cosmic and symbolic meaning of religious rites. The liturgy of the Church presupposes, integrates and sanctifies ele- ments from creation and human culture, conferring on them the dignity of signs of grace, of the new creation in Jesus Christ. 1150 Signs of the covenant. The Chosen People received fromGod distinctive signs and symbols that marked its liturgical life. These are no longer solely celebrations of cosmic cycles and social ges- tures, but signs of the covenant, symbols of God’s mighty deeds for his people. Among these liturgical signs from the Old Covenant are circumcision, anointing and consecration of kings and priests, laying on of hands, sacrifices, and above all the Passover. The Church sees in these signs a prefiguring of the sacraments of the New Covenant. 1151 Signs taken up by Christ. In his preaching the Lord Jesus often makes use of the signs of creation to make known the mys- teries of the Kingdom of God. 17 He performs healings and illus- trates his preaching with physical signs or symbolic gestures. 18 He gives new meaning to the deeds and signs of the Old Covenant, above all to the Exodus and the Passover, 19 for he himself is the meaning of all these signs. 16 Cf. Wis 13:1; Rom 1:19 f.; Acts 14:17. 17 Cf. Lk 8:10. 18 Cf. Jn 9:6; Mk 7:33 ff.; 8:22 ff. 19 Cf. Lk 9:31; 22:7-20. 362, 2702 1879 299 843 1334 1335