Catechism of the Catholic Church

524 Part Three 2173 The Gospel reports many incidents when Jesus was ac­ cused of violating the sabbath law. But Jesus never fails to respect the holiness of this day. 98 He gives this law its authentic and authoritative interpretation: “The sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.” 99 With compassion, Christ declares the sabbath for doing good rather than harm, for saving life rather than killing. 100 The sabbath is the day of the Lord of mercies and a day to honor God. 101 “The Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath.” 102 II. T he L ord ’ s D ay This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. 103 The day of the Resurrection: the new creation 2174 Jesus rose from the dead “on the first day of the week.” 104 Because it is the “first day,” the day of Christ’s Resurrection recalls the first creation. Because it is the “eighth day” following the sabbath, 105 it symbolizes the new creation ushered in by Christ’s Resurrection. For Christians it has become the first of all days, the first of all feasts, the Lord’s Day ( he kuriake hemera, dies dominica )—Sunday: We all gather on the day of the sun, for it is the first day [after the Jewish sabbath, but also the first day] when God, sepa­ rating matter from darkness, made the world; and on this same day Jesus Christ our Savior rose from the dead. 106 Sunday—fulfillment of the sabbath 2175 Sunday is expressly distinguished from the sabbath which it follows chronologically every week; for Christians its ceremonial observance replaces that of the sabbath. In Christ’s Passover, 98 Cf. Mk 1:21; Jn 9:16. 99 Mk 2:27. 100 Cf. Mk 3:4. 101 Cf. Mt 12:5; Jn 7:23. 102 Mk 2:28. 103 Ps 118:24. 104 Cf . Mt 28:1; Mk 16:2; Lk 24:1; Jn 20:1. 105 Cf. Mk 16:1; Mt 28:1. 106 St. Justin, I Apol. 67: PG 6, 429 and 432. 582 638 349 1166