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Resources on the Church




Catechism of the Catholic Church


an official exposition of Catholic

moral and doctrinal teachings, is a papally approved text that has been pub-

lished in many languages. The normative Latin text has a 1994 copyright by

Libreria Editrice Vaticana (LEV), which reserves the right to oversee all trans-

lations. For the English edition used in the United States, look for the



, with both a 1994 and 1997 copyright. (The 1994 translation used

in the first English edition had numerous errors that were corrected in the

second edition.) The most complete second edition is published by USCCB

Publishing and contains more than 100 pages of supplemental material,

including a glossary and an index of citations. Order online at ,

or phone 800-235-8722. The USCCB administers the U.S. copyright for LEV.

Doubleday also publishes a second edition, minus the supplemental mate-

rial found in the USCCB’s second edition. The official English text of the


, including the glossary (but no indices), is also available online at .

The Eastern Christian Churches: A Brief Survey

by Ronald Roberson

gives a clear, concise description of the history and the present situation of

the Assyrian Church of the East and each of the Oriental Orthodox churches,

Orthodox churches and Eastern Catholic churches. It is a must-read for anyone

trying to sort out the complexities of the churches of the East, including the

Eastern Catholic churches. The first six editions were published by the Pontifical

Oriental Institute in Rome. The seventh edition is due in print in 2008, but the

full text is online at . Th


online edition is regularly updated whenever new information, such as a change

in a church’s leadership, calls for it. Father Roberson, a Paulist priest, is the

USCCB Secretariat of Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs’ associate secretary

for Catholic-Orthodox relations and a former Catholic-Orthodox specialist at

the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.


USCCB and Vatican Web sites an


www.vatican. va —carry ex

tensive electronic documentation of their activities and state-

ments on a wide range of issues. See the Vatican and USCCB chapters in this

book for more details. Numerous other Catholic Web sites are also cited in

those chapters.


USCCB Source Book —lists su


experts among USCCB staff on topics related to church life and ministry. It is

produced by the USCCB Department of Communications as an aid for media

seeking background and/or interviewees and for those seeking speakers for

church meetings. Topics that the sources address relate to such matters as

world and national affairs, church life, liturgy, priesthood and religious life.