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106 • Part I. The Creed: The Faith Professed

Holy Spirit provides us with an experience of God’s presence (cf. CCC,

no. 688):

• When we pray and study the Scripture which the Holy Spirit inspired,

we can sense his presence in the biblical words.

• When we read the lives of the saints, their teachings and witness, we

can be motivated to holiness by their example which was shaped by

the Holy Spirit.

• When we assent with obedience to the teachings of the Magisterium,

we are guided by the Holy Spirit. His presence is uniquely experi-

enced at Ecumenical Councils.

• When we actively participate in the liturgies and Sacraments of the

Church, we enter into a sacred moment when the Holy Spirit opens

us to experience God, especially in the Eucharist.

• When we give ourselves to prayer, whether that be the Rosary or the

Liturgy of the Hours or meditation or other prayers, the Holy Spirit

prays within us and intercedes for us.

• When we offer ourselves to the various missionary or apostolic

efforts of the Church or see signs of those efforts, we can sense the

Holy Spirit at work in the world.

• When we recognize the charisms and ministries which help build the

Church, we also understand that it is the Holy Spirit providing us

with the leadership we need.

• When we dwell on the great Tradition of the Church, its marvelous

history and its host of saintly witnesses, we sense the Holy Spirit’s

sustaining power through it all.


Though we frequently reflect on the secular or worldly nature of our cul-

ture in the United States, we must also note that our country is one of the

most religious of all industrialized nations. This is true in the sense that

a large percentage of our people are active members of churches, syna-

gogues, and mosques. In addition, there is a quality seemingly unique

to our culture that moves millions of our people to seek an immediate

experience of God. This is most evident in the focus on the Holy Spirit