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Chapter 1. My Soul Longs for You, O God • 7

on Jesus Christ and his Kingdom of salvation, love, justice, and mercy.

Jesus reminds us that this Kingdom is already in our midst, and as his

disciples we are called to assist him in bringing it to its fullness.

This is the Church’s invitation to seekers who want to discover a sat-

isfying answer to their spiritual hungers. Her invitation is rich: to seek-

ers, old and new, and to those who might label themselves as alienated or

indifferent, the Church offers Jesus Christ and his love, the fulfillment of

hope. The Church offers a way of belonging that teaches truths that free

one from sin and its power. The Church initiates members into an inti-

mate relationship with God—indeed, into a participation in the divine

life—where one will find genuine joy and fulfillment. This is all possible

because of Jesus Christ and his love.


1. What are you looking for in life? What are your goals and ideals?

How do God and the Church play a part in what you are seeking?

How is your life a journey toward God?

2. As a seeker, how do you look for truth? When you hear of truth or

behold beauty or experience goodness, what do you think? If you

seek for God, what has made this possible? What have you found in

your search thus far?

3. As a Catholic, how are you searching for God? Why does seeking God

keep your relationship with him dynamic? How does the Church help

you in your search for God? How does your family affect your faith?


• God has planted in every human heart the hunger and longing for

the infinite—for nothing less than himself.

• Only in God will we find the truth, peace, and happiness for which

we never stop searching. Created in God’s image, we are called to

know and love the Lord.

• God can be known with certainty from his works in creation and

from the spiritual nature of the human person by the light of natural