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Chapter 30. Sixth Commandment: Marital Fidelity • 411

guarantee successful married life, as has been revealed in the painful

experience of many, and is detrimental to future commitment.

Polygamy (having more than one spouse at a time) violates the

understanding of the equal dignity that a man and woman bring to mar-

riage and contradicts the unitive purpose of marriage.

Attempts to justify same-sex unions or relationships or to give them

matrimonial status also contradict God’s plan—as revealed from the

beginning both in nature and in Revelation—for marriage to be a life-

long union of a man and a woman.

1. What is the divine plan for marriage?

Each of the two sexes is an image of the power and ten-

derness of God, with equal dignity though in a different

way. The

union of man and woman

in marriage is a way of

imitating in the flesh the Creator’s generosity and fecun-

dity. (CCC, no. 2335)

2. What is the link between charity and chastity?

Charity is the


of all the virtues. Under its influence,

chastity appears as a school of the gift of the person. Self-

mastery is ordered to the gift of self. Chastity leads him

who practices it to become a witness to his neighbor of

God’s fidelity and loving kindness. (CCC, no. 2346)

3. What is the marital covenant?

The covenant which spouses have freely entered into

entails faithful love. It imposes on them the obligation to

keep their marriage indissoluble. (CCC, no. 2397)