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Covering the United

States Conference

of Catholic Bishops


The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a membership body composed

of all the active Catholic bishops in the United States. Through it the bish-

ops support and collaborate with one another in carrying out the church’s

mission, with a special emphasis on evangelization, or spreading the Gospel.

While the bishops themselves are scattered across the country in their own

dioceses, the national headquarters of the USCCB is at 3211 Fourth Street NE,

Washington, DC 20017-1194.

Here is a brief overview of the staffing structure at USCCB headquar-

ters. The main work of each department or secretariat will follow later, in the

descriptions of the responsibilities of the committees they serve.



general secretary of the USCCB

is Msgr. Ronny Jenkins. His office over-

sees the staff of about 250 priests, men and women religious, and laymen

and laywomen who assist the bishops in their work. He is assisted by three

associate general secretaries, an assistant general secretary for planning, and

administrative staff.


associate general secretary for pastoral life

is Msgr. J. Brian

Bransfield. He handles canon law concerns and oversees eight conference


• Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations.

• Cultural Diversity in the Church.

• Divine Worship.