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How to Cover the Catholic Church

Print journalists

will need the following:

1. An accreditation form. This can be filled out online. Go to

www.vatican. va/news_services/index.htm an

d click on Accreditation.

2. A formal written request for accreditation from an editor or someone in

a managerial position at your news organization, on company letterhead.

The request should state

• The time period and event or story for which accreditation is being


• That you’re a professional journalist assigned to cover said event

or story.

• That you will respect ethical norms such as embargoes.

3. A photocopy of your press identification card, if you have one.

4. A photocopy of your passport.

5. One passport-sized color photograph.

After you have submitted the online form, e-mail documents 2-5 to . Th

is address is only used for accreditation.

You can also fax them (except for the photograph) to


(Note: 39 is the country code for Italy; 06 is the area code for Rome and

Vatican City and is required even for local calls. Most local numbers in Rome

or the Vatican are 10 digits now, but some older ones are still nine digits or

fewer. Phone or fax numbers given here do not include initial international

access; it’s 011 from the United States.)

Or mail them to:

Holy See Press Office

Accreditation Office

Via della Conciliazione 54


The main press office telephone number is 39-06-698-921, and the

accreditation office hours are from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Rome is six hours ahead of the East Coast most of the year. (It is only five hours

ahead for a brief period each spring and fall because the United States begins

daylight saving time before Europe does and ends it after Europe does.)

Once in Rome, proceed to the press office between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

with copies of all the documents already submitted (print a copy of the accred-

itation form, too), plus an extra passport-sized photograph, just in case some-