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Chapter 10. The Church: Reflecting the Light of Christ • 123

• The Church is a communion. The starting point of this communion

is our union with Jesus Christ. This gives us a share in the commu-

nion of the Persons of the Trinity and also leads to a communion

among men and women (cf. CCC, nos. 813, 948, 959).

• These truths about unity and communion in the Church call us to

become a source of unity for all peoples.


Christians do not make a house of God until they are one in

charity. The timber and stone must fit together in an orderly

plan, must be joined in perfect harmony, must give each other

the support as if it were of love, or no one would enter the build-

ing. When you see the stones and beams of a building holding

together securely, you enter the building with an easy mind. . . .

The work we see complete in this building is physical; it

should find its spiritual counterpart in your hearts.

—St. Augustine, Sermon 336, 1, 6


Father, you called your people to be your Church.

As we gather together in your name, may we love,

honor and follow you to eternal life in the kingdom

you promise.

—Prayer for the Dedication of a Church,

Liturgy of the Hours

, vol. III, 1596

You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood,

a holy nation, God’s own people.

—1 Pt 2:9