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World Youth Day


Beyond World Youth Day

Now what? World Youth Day is over. Where do we go next? Archbishop Alexander Sample of Portland in Oregon reminded us during our WYDUSA Prayer Gathering in Krakow on August 27 that our journey has just begun: "For the Apostles - Peter, James and John- the important thing was really not what happened on the mountain. The important thing was what came after they came down from the mountain." You are now in the most important part of your journey. Check out our resources to help you down the mountain and live your mountaintop experience in everyday life on our Beyond World Youth Day page


The Catholic Apostolate Center: Reviving Faith, Rekindly Charity, Forming Apostles.

The Catholic Apostolate Center

The USCCB World Youth Day Office (WYDUSA) is happy to collaborate with the Catholic Apostolate Center on its efforts for World Youth Day 2016, in particular with the engagement of pilgrimage leaders, sharing of valuable resources and tools, making connections with stateside celebrations, assisting with technology and WYDUSA webinars, hosting the www.wyd2016.us website, and collaboration with national follow-up efforts beyond the WYD experience. 



St. John Paul II gestures to the crowd at World Youth Day in Denver in 1993. (CNS file photo/Joe Rimkus Jr.)

Beyond World Youth Day Webinar: What now and What's Next

On Tuesday, December 13th 2016 the Catholic Apostolate Center hosted a webinar titled "Beyond World Youth Day, What Now and What's Next" in collaboration with the World Youth Day USA team of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. It was given for pastoral leaders working with youth and young adults as a means to give practical ways in which parish, campus, and dicoesan leaders can integrate and maintain the themes and lessons learned from World Youth Day into their everyday lives.

World Youth Day UNITE

The Saint John Paul II National Shrine invites pilgrims of pasts World Youth Days to join in Word Youth Day UNITE. We want to invite WYD alumni to recall and celebrate all that has been learned and experienced at World Youth Day, the gift of St. John Paul II to the Church and to the world. There will be Live Music, Food Trucks, Film Screenings, Faith Talks, Adoration, and Mass.

The next World Youth Day UNITE will be on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Subsequent dates are as follows:

Weekend of July 21-July 23, 2017

Please see the Saint John Paul II World Youth Day Unite page for the schedule of events, speakers and more.

National WYDUSA Alumni Network

Register to be part of the National WYDUSA Alumni Network.World Youth Day is not the destination, but one point along the pilgrimage of life. As a WYD alumni, you are still on that journey. Connect with other U.S. citizens who have participated in a World Youth Day event, either stateside or internationally, at least once in the past thirty years since these gatherings began in 1984. Over one-half million people in the USA have been to a World Youth Day event-are you one of them? If so, connect with the national alumni network today! Find more information and resources on our NEW WYD Alumni Resources Page!

Get Ready for WYD Panama 2019

Panamanian flags are seen after Pope Francis celebrated the World Youth Day closing Mass July 31 at the Field of Mercy in Krakow, Poland. Pope Francis announced that Panama will host World Youth Day in 2019. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

Check out the promotional video for World Youth Day in Panama 2019. 

Word Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource icon


Check out these links for more resources on WYDUSA.

  • The WYDUSA office has teamed up with FLYTES to create a unique item for US Pilgrims to bring to where ever they are celebrating World Youth Day. These Flytes are now a great commemorative item for World Youth Day 2016. Order yours at a special discounted price today! 

  • As part of an official collaboration between the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops World Youth Day Office, the Catholic Apostolate Center is assisting World Youth Day pilgrims and leaders beyond their World Youth Day experience through blog posts, leader guides, and videos throughout the international festivities in Krakow. Check out wyd2016.us each Wednesday for new content from bishops, pilgrim leaders, pastoral ministers, and pilgrims. Whether traveling to Krakow, attending a stateside celebration in your diocese or participating as an active digital pilgrim, we invite you to utilize our free resources to enrich your journey! 

  • Check out our blogs! New posts focus on continuing to live your pilgrim experience beyond World Youth Day. Countdown to WYD Blog | WYD Wednesdays Blog 

  • How well do you know the official patrons of WYDUSA? Check out our patron page for more information. Also, check out more information on Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati to help you to continue to climb "to the heights".

Word Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconWord Youth Day resource iconwydusa-retreat-manuel-cover-150wWord Youth Day resource iconwydusa-leader-cover-150w
  • WYDUSA Leader Guides: Beyond World Youth Day Resources

  • STATESIDE GUIDES: Use the Stateside Guides in English and Spanish or the Stateside Quick Guide to plan your own WYD Alumni event. Check out the Stateside Page, for ideas and events stateside.

  • GROUP LEADERS: If you took a group to Krakow, check out the International Pilgrimage and Retreat Manual for additional resources for your group to move beyond World Youth Day. Also, check out the Auschwitz Guide and Ecumenical Guide for additional resources on integrating your WYD 2016 experience into your everyday life.

  • WYDUSA PILGRIM JOURNAL: The journal is for all pilgrims who celebrated in Krakow, youth and young adults celebrating stateside or following along as a digital pilgrim - Order Now.

  • RETREAT GUIDE: Host a Post-World Youth Day retreat for your pilgrims. Check out the Retreat Guide for different post-WYD retreat ideas.

order hard copies of all guides AT 202-541-3044, or wyd@usccb.org.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact the USCCB World Youth Day Office with any questions you may have pertaining to World Youth Day, including information about pilgrim preparation and hosting stateside events. Additionally, if you are hosting a stateside event, consider submitting information for your event to be featured on our stateside activities page.

Phone: (202) 541-3044 | E-mail: wyd@usccb.org

Leaders and Pilgrims: Sign Up for Our Email Updates!

Read more about World Youth Day 2016 in the WYDUSA Office's news release.

Relive WYD 2016 Krakow!




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