The Annual Global Celebration of Youth and Young Adults

on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (Christ the King Sunday) | November 23-24, 2024

Global Celebration of Young People Christ the King Sunday

On this feast day... the Church proclaims the Kingdom of Christ, already present, but still growing in all its mystery towards its full manifestation ... young people are indispensable bearers of the dynamics of the Kingdom of God, the hope of the Church and the world. - St. John Paul II

Pope Francis speaking

At the end of Mass on the Solemnity of Christ the King on 22 November 2020, Pope Francis called for a renewal of the global celebration of young people in the local churches in every diocese and eparchy. He also announced that, beginning in 2021, he would "transfer the diocesan celebration of WYD from Palm Sunday to Christ the King Sunday. The center of the celebration remains the Mystery of Jesus Christ the Redeemer of Man, as Saint John Paul II, the initiator and patron of WYD, always emphasized."

ANNUAL THEMES - 2023 to 2025

As the Church prepares for these gatherings - both annually and in Rome - the Holy Father has given a two-year guide to mark the journey, under the theme of hope, a virtue that the world is in need of and that shines forth particularly in young people. The themes should be seen as one unit that emerged from Pope Francis' Christus Vivit and his call to infuse the Church's ministries with young people with a vocational perspective that compels us to put our faith into action.

  • 38th Global Celebration / World Youth Day, 2023-2024: “Rejoicing in hope” (cf. Rom 12:12).
  • 39th Global Celebration / World Youth Day, 2024-2025: “Those who hope in the Lord will run and not be weary” (cf. Is 40:31).

For guides and other resources on the Christ the King Annual Celebration of Young People, please look to our Christ the King Annual page here.

NOTE: Dioceses, eparchies, parishes, campuses, apostolates, and other communities are free to adapt the themes, within reason, to integrate their cultural context and local circumstances. Furthermore, the annual date of the global celebration (Christ the King Sunday) is recommended but can be adapted to fit the pastoral needs and calendars of the community.

World Youth Day pilgrims wait for Pope Francis to arrive for a July 30 prayer vigil at the Field of Mercy in Krakow, Poland. (CNS photo/Bob Roller)

Every Catholic faith community around the world is encouraged to celebrate and reflect on youth and young adults annually on Christ the King Sunday.

To support that celebration, the USCCB has published A National Pastoral Resource Guidebook for the Global Celebration of Young People, available here, among other helpful tools for local Catholic communities in the United States and beyond:

National Pastoral Guidebook for the Global Celebration of Young People

Webinars on Preparing for the Global Celebration

Pope Francis video message for vaccine ad campaign

"As we prepare for the next intercontinental edition of World Youth Day, I would also like to renew its celebration in the local Churches... I have decided, beginning next year, to transfer the diocesan celebration of WYD from Palm Sunday to Christ the King Sunday... Dear young people, cry out with your life that Christ lives, that Christ reigns, that Christ is the Lord! If you keep silent, I tell you the very stones will cry out! (cf. Lk 19:40)." - Pope Francis, Homily for Christ the King Sunday Mass, November 22, 2020

Additional Resources from the USCCB

Annual Messages for Christ the King Sunday

  • 2024 Message: “Those who hope in the Lord will run and not be weary” (cf. Is 40:31)
  • 2023 Message: “Rejoicing in hope” (cf. Rom 12:12)

Additional Resources from the Vatican

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