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Covering the Vatican



Mass. The Latin phrase in the name means “clear voice.” U.S. members are

Cardinals Francis E. George of Chicago and Justin Rigali of Philadelphia and

Archbishops Alfred C. Hughes of New Orleans and Oscar H. Lipscomb of

Mobile, Ala.

Congregation for the Causes of Saints

This congregation investigates all those being considered for official church rec-

ognition as saints. It makes recommendations to the pope on beatifications and

canonizations and oversees the authentication and preservation of sacred relics.

The prefect is Cardinal Angelo Amato. The secretary is Archbishop

Marcello Bartolucci


Phone 06-6988-4247.

Congregation for Bishops

This congregation oversees bishops’ appointments, bishops’ conferences, and

ad limina

visits (official visits to Rome by bishops every five years). Personal

prelatures like Opus Dei, which do not report to a diocesan bishop, and mili-

tary ordinaries (bishops responsible for the pastoral care of Catholics in the

armed forces) also fall under its authority.

The prefect is Cardinal Marc Ouellet. The secretary is Archbishop Ilson de

Jesus Montanari. Phone 06-6988-4217.

Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples

Once called

Propaganda Fide

, or propagation of the faith, the evangelization

congregation coordinates the missionary work of Catholic Church. The office

manages pastoral outreach, charitable activity, fund raising and ministry in

mission territories, which include Africa, most of Asia and Oceania, and dio-

ceses in Latin America, Canada, Alaska, the Balkans and the Caucasus. It also

fulfills in mission territories the functions handled by the congregations for

bishops and clergy in the rest of the Latin Church.

Four pontifical missionary societies operate under the direction of

the evangelization congregation: the Societies of St. Peter Apostle and the

Propagation of the Faith, the Holy Childhood Association, and the Missionary

Union of Priests and Religious. The agencies promote missionary awareness

and support fund raising for the church’s activity in mission lands.

A useful news service, Fides, also operates under the congregation. See

the “Resources” section in this chapter for more information.