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How to Cover the Catholic Church

The prefect of the evangelization congregation is Cardinal Robert Sarah.

Its secretary is Archbishop Arthur Roche. Phone 06-6987-1523. E-mail .

Congregation for Clergy

This congregation oversees the ongoing spiritual, intellectual and pastoral for-

mation of diocesan priests and deacons and most matters affecting their pas-

toral ministry, including issues of compensation, medical care, disability and

pensions. It also oversees the religious education of the faithful of all ages and

the administration of church property.

The prefect is Cardinal Beniamino Stella. The secretary is Archbishop Joël

Michel Marie Luc Mercier. Phone 06-6988-4151. E-mail .

Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and

Societies of Apostolic Life

This congregation oversees all church-recognized institutes of consecrated life—

the term used for religious orders and congregations of men or women and for

secular institutes of men or women—and societies of men or women who devote

their lives to some particular apostolate or aspect of the church’s mission.

The prefect is Cardinal João Braz de Aviz. The secretary is Archbishop

José Rodríguez Carballo. Phone 06-6988-4128. E-mail

civcsva.pref@ccscrlife. va (p

refect), (se

cretary), or (g


eral e-mail).

Congregation for Catholic Education

This dicastery has authority over Catholic seminaries, colleges and univer-

sities, elementary and secondary schools and other educational institutes

around the world, except for those under the authority of the Congregation

for Eastern Churches. It has special authority over ecclesiastical schools or fac-

ulties around the world—those specifically licensed by the Holy See to grant

ecclesiastical (as distinct from civil) degrees. Those schools cannot appoint a

rector or dean or full professor without confirmation by the congregation, and

it must approve anyone nominated by those schools for an honorary degree.

The prefect is Cardinal Giuseppe Versaldi. The secretary is Archbishop

Angelo Vincenzo Zani. Phone 06-6988-4167.