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evaluation that is part of the admissions process is such an inquiry,



it is lawful, provided that the applicant’s right to privacy is not illegiti-

mately violated in the process.

A proper balance between the right and obligation of the Church

to judge a man’s suitability and his right to safeguard his privacy can be

reached if the following additional principles are applied:


1. The motivations for requiring the psychological evaluation and

the ways in which that requirement is communicated to the

applicant are done in a manner that engenders trust and cooper-

ation rather than fear and apprehension.

2. The applicant is able to approach a psychological expert who is

either chosen from among those indicated (when this is pos-

sible) by the vocation director or chosen by the applicant and

accepted by the vocation director.

3. The vocation director observes a careful vigilance that protects

the privacy and reputation of the applicants.

4. Clear policies are enunciated concerning who will have access

to any of the admissions materials, under what conditions, and

the degree of confidentiality to which those persons are bound

regarding the information, including the civil obligation they

may have as mandated reporters of child abuse or neglect.

5. There is a policy regarding retention of records, including after

the non-admission of an applicant or the departure of the ac-

cepted applicant from the seminary.

Role of Psychological Information in Formation

The findings of the entire admissions process, if the applicant is accepted

by the bishop or major superior, are to be shared with the rector and

admission team of the seminary in a timely manner.


The rector may

decide to share this material, including the psychological evaluation

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