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psychological report can be of great assistance to the seminarian and to

those responsible for his formation.


Obviously, the material above regarding privacy and confidentiality

apply at the level of seminarian formation just as they do at the admissions

level. Some additional principles may assist the seminary in this regard:

1. The seminarian is himself a necessary and irreplaceable agent

responsible for his own formation.

2. The seminarian works to acquire the necessary affective matu-

rity and training in freedom that is required of him in response

to his vocation.

3. The formation atmosphere between the seminarian and the

formators is marked by openness and transparency.

4. Formators guarantee an atmosphere of trust for the seminarian

to provide appropriate self-disclosure and participate with con-

viction in the work of discernment and accompaniment, offering

his own convinced and heartfelt cooperation.

Retention of Records

The retention of pre-admission psychological evaluation reports may

become an issue especially with regard to the seminarian’s early depar-

ture from the program of formation, due either to a voluntary withdrawal

or involuntary dismissal. If a seminarian was dismissed from a program

of priestly formation, his application to return to the same or another

seminary may not be considered for at least two years following dis-



If a former seminarian wishes to reapply after a voluntary depar-

ture, sufficient time must be given for an evaluation of his prior back-

ground and his new application. The length of time is to be determined

according to the circumstances of each individual.




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