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2. Psychopathology that cannot be managed easily with medica-

tion and that would disrupt or preclude healthy ministry

3. Areas of serious emotional vulnerability, given the demands of

the priest’s responsibilities, celibacy, and life as a public figure

and man of communion

4. Personality traits and disorders inconsistent with or compromis-

ing healthy ministry

5. Pervasive developmental disorders that may lead to behaviors

incompatible with the human formation traits and characteris-

tics of healthy, priestly relationships and ministry

6. Relations with self or others that are so damaged or shame-based

that the person cannot relate or assume healthy leadership

7. Significant troubles with addictive disorders or habits

8. Activity or inclination toward sexual activity with a minor or oth-

er traits that might indicate the person could be a harm to minors

9. Psycho-sexual disorders


10. History of psychopathic deviance, criminality, and unethical,

illegal, and unconscionable behavior

11. Multiple physical and medical concerns that significantly impair

the ability of the candidate to function responsibly

12. Intellectual limitations that would hinder either higher aca-

demic studies or the navigation of the complexities of leadership

in parish life

13. Severe learning disorders and intellectual disability compounded

with lack of intellectual curiosity

It may be discerned that an applicant is in need of some therapeu-

tic services to address matters that are not entirely disqualifying for

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tion Concerning the Criteria for Discernment of Vocations with Regard to Persons with Homosexual

Tendencies in View of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders

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