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may grow slowly and may be harvested by others later on. Prayer should

accompany all

discussion and planning, in order to ensure that the soil of

parish life receives the nourishment it needs so that the seeds of disciple-

ship can bear fruit.


All Christians are invited to a “renewed personal encounter with

Jesus Christ.”


Christ calls all people to himself in his Body, the Church, through the

workings of the Holy Spirit,

so that we can enter into a personal relation-

ship with God the Father. “In virtue of their baptism, all the members of

the People of God have become missionary disciples.”


Reflective reading,

lectio divina

, and the

study of Scripture will aid in deepening the encounter

with Christ. The Sunday homily breaks open the Word

of God by stirring

the hearts of people, deepening our knowledge of the faith, renewing our

participation in

the Church and her sacraments, and strengthening us for

the daily challenges of life. By participating in Mass,

learning common

prayers, and practicing personal and public devotions, Christians appro-

priate the teachings

of the faith into their own lives and are sent forth to

witness Christ.

Discipleship involves helping people enter into a personal encounter

with Christ through prayer, Scripture, the sacraments, works of mercy, and

faith formation.

Questions for Reflection:

Do I have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

In what ways do I cultivate this friendship with Jesus and his Church?

How do I help others grow in their relationship with Christ and the Church?

What opportunities does the parish provide to cultivate ongoing encounters

with Jesus?

In what ways does the parish accompany our family, friends, and commu-

nity through the journey of conversion?

Are there opportunities that are not in place in our parish ministries that we

may need to provide?