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Questions for Reflection

The New Evangelization is a way of being a Church that forms missionary

disciples. The following

considerations are meant to assist parishes in mov-

ing from the practice of maintenance to cultivating missionary



discipleship efforts. Evangelization is not for a few but rather a challenge

for every baptized person

and the entire parish community. As such, this

section outlines personal and ministerial reflection questions

so that each

person invited into the process can participate fully.

The following considerations are not exhaustive, but they are

intended to help parishes assess their

current efforts to determine which

areas of ministry are effective and which need to be strengthened. The

description of each

stage of discipleship is followed by questions to spark

reflection and discussion. This outlines some of

the considerations that

parishes, schools, and apostolates ought to be attentive to in order to be a

missionary-oriented community.

The Soil of Missionary Discipleship

The Parable of the Sower (Mt 13:3-8) provides a helpful context and

insight into cultivating a missionary-oriented approach. It is important

that parishes, schools, and apostolates consider, tend to, and nourish the

soil in which the seeds of discipleship are to be planted. Each person

receives the seeds of God’s Word differently. Parishes, imitating Jesus, are

called to be attentive to the specific needs and level of receptivity of


to whom they minister. Provision should be made for fostering a culture

of accompaniment so that

persons are supported and encouraged on their

journey. It is also important to remember that the seeds a

parish plants