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Page Background


the following aspects of current pastoral practice:

leadership and team

preparation, Scripture and homiletics, catechesis and faith formation, life

and dignity

of the human person, inculturation, solidarity and subsidiarity,

evangelization and conversion, marriage

and family, and the preferential

option for the poor and vulnerable.

6. Planning for Ministry Requires

Intentional Stewardship

All ministry and pastoral care relies on the availability of human and

financial resources applied by

leaders with good management and admin-

istrative skills. A parish can develop superior plans and strategies,

but they

will be effective only when human and financial resources are made avail-

able to implement them. Below is a review of several foundational skills

that are necessary for the effective use of human and

financial resources in

pastoral planning.

Managing, Supervising, and Developing People

Pastoral leaders have a responsibility to ensure that talented and qualified

staff and volunteers, who

are dedicated to the mission of the Church, are

developing into missionary disciples. This also includes

seeking to improve

personal and pastoral performance, valuing sustained personal growth in

knowledge and

skills, and encouraging continued growth.

Sound Business Practices and Ethical Standards

Stewardship of church finances requires adherence to the most stringent

ethical, legal, canonical

and fiscal standards. Additionally, pastoral leaders

must be open, consultative, collegial, and accountable in

the conduct of

their affairs. Parishioners exercise responsibility for the viability of their

parishes, schools,

related ministries, and outreach by generously contrib-

uting—both financially and through personal service—to the life of the

parish. The local parish community must be willing to provide financial

support for its

own pastoral ministries as well as for the Church’s charita-

ble works carried out within the diocese, nationally, and


Demonstrating and cultivating a culture of generous contribution and

stewardship is an

extremely effective way of evangelizing.