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warm words from the pastor, offering Mass and

the Sacrament of Penance

and Reconciliation at convenient times, ensuring accessibility of worship


inclusion for those with physical and mental disabilities, and using

multiple languages, where needed. Disciples find communion in their fam-

ilies, their parish, and relationships with others.

Questions for Reflection:

How do we cultivate a communal and missionary spirit within our family?

Are there areas that we need to work on to strengthen our family as a commu-

nity of faith?

In what ways can we offer more ongoing formation and support of family life?

How can we become a more welcoming parish community? Where are the

areas for growth?


The commitment to living the Christian life is an essential element of the

culture of witness. We witness to the Christian life through living out our

respective vocations. As St. Peter tells us, we must “always be ready to give

an explanation to anyone who asks . . . for a reason for [our] hope” (1 Pt

3:15). We should be looking for ways to share with others the way we have

experienced the salvific love of Jesus Christ. As Bl. Paul VI said, “In the

long run, is there any other way of handing on the Gospel than by


mitting to another person one’s personal experience of faith?”


The public

profession of one’s faith

through works of charity and justice—which

promote solidarity, peace, and the stewardship of creation—builds

up the

Kingdom of God. Social justice and direct missionary opportunities pro-

vide powerful encounters with

the person of Jesus and his Church. The

innate dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral

vision for

society. Human life is sacred. Every person has a fundamental right to life

and a right to all that is

required to protect and preserve human dignity.

The Catholic Church believes that every person is precious

and that the

measure of every policy and institution is whether it threatens or enhances

the life of the human


“Each individual Christian and every community is called to be an

instrument of God for the

liberation and promotion of the poor, and for

enabling them to be fully a part of society”.


A basic moral

test of culture

is to see how our most vulnerable members are faring. In a society marred