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Appendix A. Glossary • 523

visible sign of an invisible act

of God.


The name of the

Jewish feast that celebrates the

deliverance of Israel from Egypt

and from the Angel of Death who

passed over their doors marked

by the blood of sacrificed lamb.

Jesus Christ inaugurated the new

Passover by delivering all people

from death and sin through his

own blood shed on the Cross.

The celebration of the Eucharist

is the Passover feast of the

New Covenant.



Also called the Sacrament

of Confession, Reconciliation,

Conversion, and Forgiveness, this is

the Sacrament in which sins com-

mitted after Baptism are forgiven.

It results in reconciliation with God

and the Church.


Celebrated each year

fifty days after Easter, Pentecost

marks the day when the Holy Spirit

came upon the Apostles and dis-

ciples. The first Pentecost is some-

times referred to as the birthday

of the Church because it was on

this day that the Apostles, inspired

by the Holy Spirit, first publicly

preached the Good News to others.


God calls the

Church into existence as his people

centered in Christ and sustained by

the Holy Spirit. The visible struc-

ture of the People of God as the

Church is the means intended by

Christ to help guarantee the life of

grace for the whole.



was a virgin in conceiving Jesus, in

giving birth to him, and in remain-

ing always a virgin ever after.


This is suicide performed with the

aid of a doctor. The emergence of

physician-assisted suicide, popular-

ized by the right-to-die movement,

seeks to legalize what is a gravely

immoral act forbidden by God in

the Fifth Commandment.


The successor to St. Peter

who serves as the Bishop of Rome

and as the visible and juridical head

of the Catholic Church.


A philosophy

that asserts that acts have value

only in terms of their usefulness

and practicality.


The raising of one’s mind

and heart to God in thanksgiving

and in praise of his glory. It can

also include the requesting of good

things from God. It is an act by