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526 • Conclusion and Appendices


There is revealed

law as seen in the Old Testament

when God communicated to Moses

the Ten Commandments. This law

prepared the world for the Gospel.

Jesus revealed the full meaning of

Old Testament law.


God’s communica-

tion of himself and his loving plan

to save us. This is a gift of self-

communication, which is realized

by deeds and words over time and

most fully by his sending us his

own divine Son, Jesus Christ. Public

Revelation, which must be believed,

ended with the death of the last

Apostle. There can still be private

revelation, which is intended only

for the good of the person who

receives it and does not need to be

believed by others.



In Scripture, the

Sabbath was the seventh day of the

week that the people of Ancient

Israel were to keep holy by prais-

ing God for the creation and the

covenant and by resting from their

ordinary work. For Christians, the

observance of the Sabbath has been

transferred to Sunday, the day of

the Lord’s Resurrection. (See

also “Sunday.”)


An efficacious sign

of grace, instituted by Christ and

entrusted to the Church, by which

divine life is dispensed to us by the

work of the Holy Spirit (CCC, nos.

1131, 774).


By God’s gracious plan, the Church

is a sacrament of salvation, that is,

a visible community in and through

which Jesus Christ offers salvation

through the Seven Sacraments, the

preaching of the word, and the

spiritual and moral witness of

the members.


An indelible spiritual mark

that is the permanent effect

of the Sacraments of Baptism,

Confirmation, and Holy Orders.

It brings a new conformity to

Christ and a specific standing in

the Church. The reception of these

Sacraments is never repeated (cf.

CCC, Glossary).


These are

sacred signs instituted by the

Church. These are sacred signs

that bear a resemblance to the

Sacraments. They signify effects,

especially of a spiritual nature, that

are obtained through the interces-

sion of the Church (CCC,

no. 1667).