Jubilee Year of Mercy

The official Vatican logo for the Jubilee of Mercy features Jesus as the Good Shepherd carrying a man on his back as he would a lost sheep.How can we show others the mercy of God? We say that God iscompassionate, but we ignore the poor. We say that God loves us and has mercy on us, but we hold grudges against our friends. Our actions need to authentically reflect God's mercy. Click below to explore the different ways that you can live out that mercy every day!

Corporal Works of Mercy

Learn more about the Corporal Works of Mercy and how you can live them in your daily life.

Spiritual Works of Mercy

Learn more about the Spiritual Works of Mercy and how you can live them in your daily life.

Mercy with Francis 

Throughout the year, Pope Francis will do "Jubilee" signs of mercy. Find out what they are and how you can do something similar in your life!

Moments of Mercy

Check out these short monthly suggestions for working mercy into your everyday life. 

Meditations on Mercy

Reflect more deeply on God's call to mercy through these monthly scripture reflections. Do them on your own, with family, or with small groups. 

Join the Conversation

Want to share where you see Mercy in Motion? Check out our social media pages to see what others are doing to put #mercyinmotion.  

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In the News

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vatican resources

Bull of Indiction of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy

Jubilee of Mercy Vatican Website

Prayer of Pope Francis for the Jubilee of Mercy

Diocesan Resources

Leaders looking for resources are invited to explore the diocesan and parish resource site.