Catechetical Sunday 2011

September 18, 2011

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Green Vestments - Year A
Readings: 055:006:Isaiah 55:6, 001:020:Philippians 1:20 Philippians 1:20-24, 27, Matthew 20:1-16

About Catechetical Sunday

The ministry of the Word is a fundamental element of evangelization through all its stages, because it involves the proclamation of Jesus Christ, the eternal Word of God.

“The word of God nourishes both evangelizers and those who are being evangelized so that each one may continue to grow in his or her Christian life” (National Directory for Catechesis [NDC] [Washington, DC: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2005], no. 17).

"Do This in Memory of Me"
−2011 Theme


This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on September 18, 2011, and will focus on the theme “Do This in Memory of Me.” Those whom the community has designated to serve as catechists will be called forth to be commissioned for their ministry. Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith.

Upcoming 2012 Theme: "Catechists and Teachers as Agents of the New Evangelization".


malone-richard-bishop-150The Bishop's Welcome Message

Bishop Richard Malone,
Chairman of Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis.

(Photo Courtesy Diocese of Portland)

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