The committee assists the bishops, both collectively and individually, in areas of faith and morals. It collaborates with the committees of the Conference through consultation and evaluation, providing expertise and guidance concerning the theological and moral issues that confront the Church in the United States. The committee's mandate includes the relationship between science and faith. The committee supports the bishops’ efforts in the areas of health care and the development and review of Scripture translations.


  1. Providing expertise for present theological, moral, and doctrinal issues
  2. Collaborating and consulting with other USCCB committees and offices to ensure the doctrinal integrity of USCCB documents, including those that address the pastoral practices of the Church
  3. Providing consultation to other committees, including advising and representing the bishops and fostering the theological education of the bishops
  4. Supporting the translation and review of scriptural texts, and liaising with the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine 
  5. Studying issues of significance and evaluating theological and moral trends of concern to contemporary society, including structured dialogues with the scientific community and collaboration on health care issues with Human Development and Domestic Policy
  6. Communicating and promoting the teachings of the Church in support of the Holy See and the Church in general
  7. Creating and promoting doctrinal resources in collaboration with other USCCB committees

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