Living as Missionary Disciples

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This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday on September 17, 2017. The 2017 theme will be "Living as Missionary Disciples." Those who the Community has designated to serve as catechists will be called forth to be commissioned for their ministry. Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith.

Leadership Institute

Find a series of webinars focused on “Living as Missionary Disciples” and more resources on the Leadership Institute website

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Leadership Resource: Living as Missionary Disciples

Living as Missionary Disciples provides dioceses and parishes and other church ministries with a road map to "new paths for the Church's journey" of evangelization. It is not intended to provide a ready-made program for a parish to follow or a detailed strategic plan to implement. Rather, it offers principles that dioceses and parishes can apply to their efforts in evangelization and missionary discipleship. 

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Catechetical Sunday 2017 Theme: Living as Missionary Disciples

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