An invitation - Go and Make Disciples

An Invitation (¶128-132) 

128. One of the earliest stories of Jesus finds him walking along the shore; he sees two people, and then two others, all of them working as fishermen. "Come after me," he says. And, once they followed the Christ, their lives became part of the story of salvation.58

129. We offer the Catholics of the United States the same invitation as Jesus: Come and follow! Come, hear the Lord calling each one of us; come, follow the Teacher who makes us his disciples. Come, be part of the story of salvation.

130. Our invitation asks every believer to discover ways that he or she can realize this plan in every way appropriate—personally, in the family, in the neighborhood and parish, or as part of a larger organization.

131. Make the goals of this plan real. Discover how the Spirit is leading you to evangelize. Search out how it can reshape our parishes and our institutions. To do this takes questioning and searching, discovery and decision. But, most of all, it takes faith. Pray that God's Holy Spirit will give Catholics in this nation the kind of faith needed to begin evangelizing seriously.

132. We invite you: Make this plan your plan.


  1. Mark 1:14-20