How to Use this Plan and Strategy - Go and Make Disciples

How to Use This Plan and Strategy (¶75-79) 

75. Our hope, upon issuing this plan and strategy, is that it will lead Catholics to action. The goals, though broad, speak of the way we live our faith. The objectives, which follow each goal, expand those goals into several separate parts. The suggested strategies elaborate in more detail some of the ways of working at the objectives and goals.

76. We envision groups of Catholics reading this plan together, discussing its implications, and being stimulated by the range of suggested strategies. We see these groups seeking to do things, both within and beyond their own Catholic communities, in ways that make sense for their locale and situation. This document should generate discussion about action: the possibilities and activities present in every Catholic parish and institution.

77. Parish councils and parish evangelization teams should be able to use this plan and strategy to sharpen a parish's mission and to develop concrete, suitable evangelizing activities. People who work in unchurched or marginalized areas will carry out this plan and strategy in less structured settings than those who work in large suburban parishes. Youth groups will read the document from their special situation in life and think about how to reach peers in convincing ways. On college campuses, students and campus ministers can form groups to see what the goals of this document mean on today's campuses. Catholics who share the same workplace may form a group that supports their own faith, strengthens them to invite people with whom they work, and also explores how their faith bears upon their occupation.

78. Individuals, too, should be led beyond insight and reflection into a range of actions that can be done in the home, the workplace, the neighborhood, and the civic setting. Each one's personal gifts and unique setting call for unique approaches in sharing faith.

79. Our presentation can only suggest the richness of this ministry. In fact, at the end of this plan we explicitly invite additional responses to the objectives we are setting forth. We look for innovative responses, far exceeding the suggested strategies we offer in this plan. The ministry of evangelization does not consist in following a recipe but in letting the Spirit open our hearts to God's Word so that we can live and proclaim God's Word to others. So let the Spirit work!