Best Practices of Campus Ministry for Vocations

Eucharistic Adoration

  1. Make it available often, daily if possible
  2. Preach on the true Presence


  1. Creates an awareness of sin, and a need for mercy
  2. Leads students to strive for greater conversion

Spiritual Direction

  1. Teaches them the importance of daily prayer
  2. Holds them accountable for prayer
  3. Instills in them a fundamental call to holiness


  1. 'jump starts' the spiritual life
  2. Takes them out of their normal surroundings to encounter God

Service Projects. Seminary Visits/Nun runs or bring Seminarians and young Sisters to visit the Campus

Discernment Groups

  1. Helps each student to realize they are called specifically by God
  2. Groups let them know they are not alone and that others can help them on their journey

Cultivating Christ-centered friendships

  1. Teaches them how to have fun in a holy and wholesome way

Daily Presence of Priests or Sisters

  1. Students need to see priests or sisters at prayer on a daily basis
  2. They also need to interact with them on a daily basis

Catechetical Formation

  1. This could be number one but young Catholics generally do not know their faith
  2. Introducing to the riches of the intellectual patrimony of the Church opens them to a deeper understanding of God and their role in God's plan