Making Youth Events Vocation Friendly

Youth events become more vocation friendly when…

1. There is a prominent vocation table—make it attractive and user-friendly. At events make sure many religious and priests are visible, happy, and mingling.

2. Workshops are offered on all vocations (priestly, vowed religious, married, single).

3. The homilist mentions vocations in some fashion and invocations are offered for vocations.

4. Vocation prayer cards or other items with catch phrases for vocations are distributed to participants.

5. International connections are made to show how religious/priestly and married/single life is a service everyday.

6. The call to holiness is universal, and we help young people understand that we answer that call through our vocation. We become holy through our everyday lives whether we are priest, vowed religious, married, or single. We are all called to stewardship.

Compliments of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry