Priest, Brother, Sister, Deacon Interview Night

Consider using this discussion/reflection model for up to fifty participants in your youth group. Invite seminarians, priests, sisters, brothers, and deacons.


To familiarize young adults with the life and ministry of deacons, sisters, brothers, and priests.

Introduction (20 minutes)

Give the clergy and religious in the room 5 minutes each to present their story before the entire assembly. Be strict about the time.

Small Group Division (10 minutes)

Divide the participants into small groups. Have the same number of groups as you have interviewees. Allow participants to formulate the questions they would like to ask.

Interview Sessions (7 minute increments)

Interviewees move around to each group and answer questions. Ring a bell or play some music as a signal that it is time to move on to the next station.

Compliments of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry